Wednesday, July 03, 2002

Burger King (of the Retarded)

Yesterday was a day like any other. I had work from 8 am to 5 pm. After that I went and ran around Silver Lake and then proceeded to Karl’s house to shower. After that I went to Burger King and then off to improve practice and then back home to work on my mom’s computer (which I could not, for the life of me, fix). One thing did manage to get to me, however, and that was the Burger King. Oh, how it frustrated me. I stopped there to get a chocolate shake and a glass of water. That’s all—no meal, nothing else. I went through the drive-thru hoping that it would be a quick run-through so I could get to improve a little early to just relax. There was only one car ahead of me and it was already at the food pick-up window. Shouldn’t take long, I deceivingly thought to myself. I was wrong. How wrong was I? About 15 minutes wrong. It turns out that the person in front of me ordered enough food to feed the entire population of Delaware……twice over. I had to wait behind this person for 15+ minutes to get a frickin’ chocolate shake. Honestly, have the person pull forward into the parking lot or something and they could bring out his gigantic meal when it was done and people like me could get their food (or shake) and be on their merry way, not stuck in line. Here’s another thought, remember how some older style fast food restaurants have two food pick-up windows. They did this for this exact reason. If someone had a big meal, they could just pull ahead to the next window and wait while everyone else with smaller meals could get theirs and be moving along. Why don’t they still do that? I will have my revenge, Burger King, oh yes I will.

On another side note, I managed to sustain my first ever improv related injury. I was on stage practicing a little rendition of the game “a day in the life…” when we came to doing a scene about being on a roller coaster. I was in the back and Pat was in front of me. As our roller coaster reached the apex of its climb we pretended to fly downward and then back up. In doing so, Pat’s head came flying backwards directly into my left eye, splitting open my skin under my eyebrow and making that part of my face hurt. I am now recovering. Our next show is this Friday, if you would like to come and see us make senseless fools of ourselves for your amusement. Hopefully there will be no crippling injuries during the show.

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