Tuesday, July 02, 2002

Green Eggs and Spam

Ok, this is going to seem like a giant rant and complain session, but there have been a couple of things that really have gotten to me. First, I ordered some parts for my brother’s computer from tufshop.com . I had to, of course, give them all the obligatory information they wanted to complete my order, including my email address. No real big deal except that over the last week I have received more than 60 spam messages from their service department. Most of the messages appear to be viruses or other stupid advertisements. I’ve emailed twice and they’ve told me that “they’re getting it worked out”. What the heck? Can’t they take down their email temporarily or something so that I’m not having my inbox clogged by their crap? I know they’ll never have my business ever again.

Another thing that got on my nerves yesterday was a conversation I had with a good friend. I went to lunch with a couple of people, Julie, Matt, and Karl at Famous Dave’s because Julie is leaving on Wednesday for her trip to Washington, DC. As Julie was driving me back to work, this other friend called and asked what I was up to so I told her and then asked why she was calling. She said, “No reason.” Well, then what was the point of calling? I told her I wanted to talk with Julie some so it would be great if she just called another time. I don’t think she was too happy by me saying that, but she really didn’t have a reason for calling and I was talking with Julie. Later she called me at work to talk again. She asked what I was doing that night and I told her I didn’t know. She was then curious if I wanted to do something. I told her I didn’t care, but she decided that by me saying that I didn’t care I was actually saying, “I’m really tired and I don’t want to do anything with you because I am just going to go home and sleep.” Honestly, it pisses me off to no end when people put words in your mouth for you. If I said that I didn’t care, it means I didn’t care what we did. Listen to the words coming from my mouth, I usually mean exactly what I say. After I finally convinced her to come into Rochester to meet me at the mall, she still seemed unhappy and like she didn’t want to be with me anyways. I don’t understand what this girl is thinking most of the time and because of that all I seem to do is make her upset all the time. I hate doing that to her, but she just seems to make everything so difficult. Maybe it’s just me being retarded, but I don’t know.

She then met me at the mall and everything was fine, just like we never fought. This happens so often with us—we’ll fight and then 10 minutes later we’re fine and then a week later we’ll fight again and afterwards we’re perfect again. It’s so wacky. Anyways, we just went and did some shopping at Hot Topic and visited Charlie at the shoe store he works at. Then we went and got ice cream, which melted unbelievably fast in the 95 degree weather. After that we just went for a run and watched some tv. It just seems weird that we always need to have those little tussles all the time. I guess we are just dysfunctional.

Well, one last thing. I checked my email again before I went to bed and what was there in it? About 20 more spam/virus emails from tufshop.com. Don’t ever buy anything from there—EVER! I emailed again and doubt I’ll get a response.

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