Monday, July 01, 2002

A Real Ghetto Ride

First, I would just like to let you all know that I put up a bunch of new pictures. There’s new ones on the college, being stupid, home, and family pages. Check them out. There’s some really good ones.

This weekend was quite a weekend for me and it presented itself with many moments to reflect upon and write about. I will try and pick out most of the memorable moments and focus on them so that I don’t end up writing a novel. Friday night our improve show sold out again (we rock!) so afterwards a whole group of us went to Treasure Island Casino to gamble away a little of our money. The nickel machines raped me and I went through a good four dollars of nickels in about 20 minutes. It was a little embarrassing to be the first person to lose all their money. However, I would get the last laugh as the night came to a close. After we wasted away our nickel money, it was time to move on to bigger things—the blackjack tables, the $3 blackjack tables to be exact. I cashed in $12 to use. That would get me four hands, I figured. I actually ended up playing for about a half an hour and came out with double my money. I managed to walk away from the tables with $25. Good haul, if you ask me. Everyone else that went ended up leaving with less money than they started with. A good time was had by all.

Saturday was an interesting day. I did a bunch of house chores and junk most of the morning and early afternoon. We had planned on going to Treasure Island on Saturday, but since we went last night I was now open to do whatever I wanted that night. I knew that Embodyment, a great emorock band, was going to be in the cities so I decided that I’d like to go to that. It would be a good time and I absolutely love their music (honestly, check them out). I tried to find people to go. One of my friends was going on a date with another one of my friends that I wanted to go with me so they were both out. Two of my other good friends were in Alaska, another was at a wedding, another was out for the weekend, yet another was working, and my brother was going to the Miss Austin pageant. Hmm…I had one chance left to find someone to go to this concert, one of my best friends for quite a while. I had called her earlier but she was not home. I left her a message and she got back to me finally when she got home. I asked her to go and she had already made plans to go hang out with some other kid. This was a concert! You could go hang out with someone else another time. You can always do that. He’d understand if she canceled too, if he was a good friend. Whatever, I was extremely mad but I eventually got over it when Julie called and saved me from boredom. I ended going out with her and a bunch of people and eating at Applebee’s and watching a movie. I was still mad I had to miss the concert.

Sunday, I had church in the morning like always and then lawn mowing and the like. Interesting thing, though, is that my mom got an old 1940’s, rusted-out, piece-of-junk, brown car. She is going to use if for a prop for her photography. Well, we had to get it off of the flatbed and onto the ground by the woods where she wanted it. Now this car had no engine or brakes or anything. My dad decided I could drive it and guide it down off the flatbed. Ok…I was getting ready for it to slowly roll off when my dad yells out, “Here goes” and he just lets it go and fly down the back ramp. I rolled down and into a bank of trees. Fun times. That was the story of the day. Then I just had softball and a bon fire at my house, but it didn’t change the fact that I was still disappointed for missing the Embodyment show. Maybe next time they are in town…

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