Friday, June 28, 2002

Oh, Grow Up

Yesterday, after I posted my thought of the day, I received a few responses. Yes, believe it or not, someone actually looked at this site. As you will remember yesterday I was commenting on how negativity begets negativity. According to someone, me acknowledging this fact makes me all of the sudden grown-up. I guess before that I was a child, which I won't complain about because I would rather be a kid my entire life than have to be an adult in this crazy, wacked-out world. Being told that I was now "grown-up" make me wonder about a few things. How can we actually judge maturity levels? I don't remember there ever being a book of rules somewhere that told us how much maturity we had. Is there some type of mathematical formula that we can use to figure out who's more mature than someone else? If there is, I want to know because I have a hard time judging people's maturity levels (usually because I'm just as immature and because I don't like judging people in general). I also don't think that anyone has a right to make that judgment anyhow, because maturity can be so subjective. Take me for an example. I have a job at a software company, read philosophy in my spare time, and write when I have the time. Wow, that sounds like a guy who is so mature and right with the world. I do improv comedy performances, love watching cartoons, talk like a little kid most of the time, and act like a middle schooler when it comes to girls. Hmm....that guys sounds like he needs to grow up and get his head screwed on straight. This is where that neat-o mathematical formula would come in handy. I guess I just don't believe that people should make judgment upon how "mature" other people are. I guess I just don't like it.

Speaking of improv, we have a show tonight, but unfortunately it is my night off so I won't be performing. I'm kind of disappointed, but I suppose I have to not perform some nights. I think my personal fan club might protest me not performing, though, Karl. Just kidding. After the show I think we're all headed to Treasure Island so that should be fun, and it should relieve my recent case of "negativity". Oh crap, I might just act like an immature child tonight. Oh well, that's me--Mr. Mature! How I've grown up......

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