Monday, July 08, 2002

Flags Instead of Pigs?

A big weekend update comin’ at ya, folks. Lot’s of events in my life that are relatively meaningless to all of you, but they mean a lot to me. First off, let’s start with Friday. We had another improv show, like we do every Friday, but this is the first one all year that we didn’t sell out completely. There was about 10 seats left in the place so I was personally a little disappointed, but everyone else didn’t seem to care that much. The kicker of the night, however, was that I think this was our funniest show by far. We had so much energy and so much funny that I just with every show could be this good. I always pay a lot of attention to the crowd whenever we’re performing and this show got the most laughter and response from the crowd all year. I was extremely happy with our performance.

Saturday was a fun day as well. I got up nice and early and headed into Austin for the 5-mile “Hog Jog”. I was mainly looking forward to getting a shirt that said Hog Jog on it. In fact, I was ecstatic about getting a Hog Jog shirt. I register and get my number and timing chip and my t-shirt, a “Freedom Fest” t-shirt. That’s right, no Hog Jog on it anywhere. Instead it’s a giant frickin’ flag. I was not a happy camper and I think that that is why I did not perform in the race as well as I wanted. Freedom Fest………grrr. I did somehow manage to get 3rd in my age bracket, though. I left before the awards ceremony because I was still mad about the stupid t-shirt, but Bryan told me later that I had gotten a plaque. I should be getting it in the mail any day this week. Sweet!

The rest of the afternoon was spent sleeping and doing yard/house work to get everything cleaned up since I was having a bonfire at our place that night. It was a spectacularly wonderful time. A bunch of guys from improv, some of my fellow runners, a few good-looking women, and some other random friends all came down. We played some botchi ball (sp?) all around the yard until it got dark and then cooked wieners and marshmallows over the fire and told stories and the like. One thing I did notice was the way that the few girl friends of mine that were there got hit on hardcore the entire night by every guy there, except me. The girls ate it up. They really loved the attention, but then it always makes me feel like I’m kind of invisible since I don’t make an active effort to try and hit on them and be talking to them all the time since they’re already my good friends. Maybe I’m just afraid of looking less cool in the eyes of the girls than the rest of the guys there. I don’t know, I guess it just sometimes gets to me that just because the girls that I’m friends with are gorgeous that everyone wants to hit on them. Well, whatever.

Sunday was a very laid-back, uneventful day. I spent the morning finishing up my work on my brother’s computer that I just finished building for him, got bored and decided to pop in one of the movies I’d rented. “The Devil’s Backbone” was the movie, a Spanish ghost story. It had gotten shining reviews on rotten tomatoes so I thought I’d give it a view. It was only an ok movie in my mind and I couldn’t see how it got such glowing reviews from everyone. Sure, it was a good way to use 2 hours, but it’s not a movie I would ever think about owning. Oh well. Split some wood, cleaned up around the bonfire pit, and then got on the old bike to head to softball. We had a decent showing again—about 20 people. Fun times, fun times.

Interesting thing happened at softball, though. My aunt Lois & uncle Bob and their family usually always annoy me and just get on my nerves. They are constantly always only out to try and make themselves look good and our family look bad. I could care less really, but lately it has gotten to me. To start, most of the yard work that we were doing on Sunday was repairing all the damage our dog, which they gave to us for Christmas (without asking, nonetheless), did. At softball they asked why we missed their daughter, Kate’s, birthday party. I told them we were busy, but the kicker is, when I talked to my parents I found out that we were never actually invited. Why would they ask me why we weren’t there if we weren’t invited? Am I supposed to be psychic or something? I dunno, you got me. Then Lois also kept trying to make conversation with me and I just didn’t want to talk with her because any conversation with her is like having one with a 5-year old. If I wanted to ever talk to them, I’d go up to them and talk. I just with they’d quit trying to force themselves into conversations with me. It’s annoying like you wouldn’t believe. At least softball was a fun time.

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