Friday, July 26, 2002

Red, White, and Blue in the Face

Well, I think that the Hey Days thought has been up long enough so here I am trying to come up with something new. I haven’t written anything for a few days so you’d think I’d have tons to talk about but for some reason I am at a loss right now. The only thing that really sticks out is the Hey Days parade that I was at on Sunday (yes, I realize that this is another thought about Hey Days, but bear with me). My brother, Randy, and a bunch of my other friends were in the parade so I thought I’d go watch. It was a blistering, near 100 degree day. Scorching, baby.

The parade started off with a fly-over by four WWII fighter planes. It was pretty neat to see them flying right over our heads. It made me wonder how it must have looked to have hundreds of those planes flying overhead during WWII. If not for the massive loss of life, I think air battles would have been spectacular to watch. I’ve always been fascinated by planes and I often imagined myself as a fighter pilot as a kid. After the fly-over the parade started. As every parade does, this one started with a police car and all of the flag bearers. It then occurred to me that there would probably be an inordinate amount of flags in this parade because it is the hip thing to do (trust me, it’s not because of patriotism, even though that’s what everyone wants you to think). I told my brother, Ryan, that we should see how many flags there are in the parade. We also set up some rules. The only flags we could count would be the ones that would wave in the wind, that means they had to be made of cloth or something like that and be free-standing. We couldn’t count painted on flags, posters of flags, or flag-colored objects—just flags that could wave in the wind. We both put down guesses as to how many we thought would be in the parade. He said like 50 and I guessed about 45. How could we possibly be any more wrong? There were actually 181 by the time the parade ended. Do you know how many that is? I think there was probably only like 10 or 15 floats in the entire parade that didn’t put a big, gratuitous flag on their vehicles. Again, my distaste for people using flags to be trendy resurfaced. I don’t know, I’m just sick of flags everywhere. If I didn’t see a flag again for the next 10 years, I’d probably be a happy person. Call me a communist, socialist, anti-patriot, terrorist, whatever, but I’m just not going to buy into the whole red, white, and blue for trend’s sake. If you’re one of those people putting up flags because everyone else is, you’re doing it for the wrong reason. Our national symbol should not be a trend or fashion. That’s just my $0.02

On another note, I went to Treasure Island, our local casino, last night and came back tripling my money. I started with a meager $12 and came out with a slightly less meager $36. I was very happy. As you can tell, I’m easily amused by little gains such as this. Basically, it just means that I have $24 that I didn’t before to blow on warped tour memorabilia and stuff on Sunday. Oh, I can’t wait!!! It’s going to be so good. I’m going to go salivate over the band list now for a bit. Later.

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