Monday, July 22, 2002

Oh, The Humanity!

This weekend was Hayfield’s Hey Days. After being there for two days, I have now realized how the world’s morals and the people in it have more resembled trash than anything else. This weekend has succeeded in making me feel more sad and depressed than I have in a long time. Here is why.

To start, Friday after our improve performance I headed down to the street dance at Hey Days. I stop by an old high school friend’s place first to see what was up. They were all drinking when I got there, because that’s obviously the only thing to ever do in Hayfield or the surrounding area. No real big deal, this really doesn’t bother me. I was talking to one of my friends there and asked him how his job and summer were going. He told me it was great because he had all of these hot chicks that he was “banging” all the time. Hmm…that’s great, I guess. We all then went to the street dance. I immediately felt out of place because I was sober—probably the only one there. People of all ages were just sloshed left and right. Parents drinking with their underage (I’m talking around 16 years old here, not like 19 or 20) children and buying them their drinks or giving them armbands. I had beer spilled on me a total of five times while I was there (and I was only there for about an hour and a half). All of the people I knew there I couldn’t really have conversations with because they were all drunk, stoned, or on other drugs. Thank the Lord that I found Bryan and Jenny, two high school friends, to talk to for a little while. That managed to make me feel a little better. That and knowing that Jenny had gotten to be the Hey Days princess. She really deserved it and I couldn’t think of a better person to get it. As I was about ready to finally leave because I was sick of all the drunks and the skankily dressed girls, I finally found Sheryl. We left and went back to ride her new four-wheeler for a while. That was more fun than pretty much the rest of the night.

Day two of Hey Days. I go up at about 1:00 or 1:30 in the afternoon to the mud bogs with my little bro Ryan. We go every year, it’s kind of a tradition. I didn’t really see anyone that I knew there so Ryan and I grabbed a spot on the bleachers. Bryan came a little while later and sat with us. As we were there, I couldn’t help but notice how almost everyone there was just trash. Honestly, 75% of the people there were human garbage. It didn’t matter what age or size the women there were, they all dressed like $2.00 or less, clearance rack special prostitutes. It made me sick. Any woman there that dressed even half-way conservative, I wanted to shake their hand. The men there were no better. Half of them were tattooed with devils, naked women, and stupid sayings. They all cursed like sailors, smoked endlessly, and took down buckets of beer like it was the only thing they’ve had to drink in the last month. Families didn’t fare much better. I felt sorry for most of the kids there with their parents because they were hardly treated like children should be. You could easily see that in most of the families there was a lack of love.

Particularly, one boy in front of us was not allowed to do anything. When he wanted a drink of water his father just told him to wait until later. You see, the boy was too small to open the water bottle and someone had to do it for him and his dad just didn’t want to take the time to grab it and open it. Constantly the boy was told to also be quiet and sit down. The parents made him seem like more of a nuisance than a son. I felt horrible that this kid was treated like that.

There were other great examples of shining family morals at the mud bogs. A man about 25 or so, drinking away and cursing like nuts was sitting a few rows ahead of us. I believe it was his wife or girlfriend, I couldn’t tell by the way they talked, came up to him with a child in a stroller. She saw someone she didn’t want by her boyfriend/husband and started screaming using many explicatives and descriptions not meant for young ears (or mine, for that matter, there’s no need for it) even while there were many young kids around including my brother Ryan. Even though Ryan has been exposed to it and knows it is wrong to act like that, they are still setting horrible examples for the young around them.

I went to the street dance again on Saturday and it was the same as the night before—all drunk and the women were dressed like hookers. Don’t the girls of my generation (and younger) have any respect for themselves? I didn’t stay long. I don’t like being around crowds of drunk people. Call me no fun, anti-social, a loser, whatever you want, but it doesn’t change the fact that I can’t enjoy myself around people that can’t hold relevant and coherent conversations. As I was leaving I ran into two of my girl friends. We talked for a bit and as we were talking a couple of guys walked by. One of them grabbed one of the girl’s behinds and kept walking. That seemed on par for the trash that came out to Hayfield this weekend. What I wasn’t prepared for was my friend’s reaction. “Ooh, he grabbed my ass! He’s so hot,” were her words. What? I thought girls found that immature and didn’t like it. I guess I must be wrong and I should start grabbing asses and disrespecting women if I ever hope to find a girlfriend. Good God, I was done for the night so I just left and went home.

The entire ride home I cried. There were two damp streaks down my cheeks when I got home. It just seemed that everything that seems right in this world to me and everything I try to believe in no one else around me does. It’s weekends like this that make me feel alone. I gave my dog a big hug and stayed out with him for a while before I went in just to try and clear my head, and it felt good to get a hug from anyone at this point (even if it was a furry, drool-soaked hug). I went down to bed, said good night to Ryan and went to bed.

Where are the morals of our world today? It seems like I am one of the few wheat plants left in this field overrun with weeds. Our world is so full of chaff that I wonder why I sometimes even try to be a good person. All I want to do is be a nice person, be friends with the people around me, keep my faith in God, and try to do what is right. It seems to me like the world thinks the opposite. Let’s all be self-centered, do whatever we please, think of ourselves first, shift our morals to what we want them to be, and just have fun, no matter the consequences or ways we do it—those seem to be the morals of the world today. That makes me sad. I hate to focus on the negative, but that is what I have seen so much of lately. So what do I do? Do I stick to my guns, be a possible outsider and lose some people who I love dearly because I don't exactly fit in or believe in what many people around me do or do I let my morals slide and try to fit in and have fun at every opportunity no matter the cost?

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