Tuesday, July 16, 2002

Wisconsin Dells - The Fun Times

Well, I’m back from the Wisconsin Dells with plenty to tell you. Pictures from the trip will be up in the coming days (I hope). I’ve got a lot to write about so let’s start with some of the fun things from the trip.

Randy, my brother, and I got to the campground early afternoon because my brother wanted to spend some time with his girlfriend Friday morning. Mom, Dad, and Ryan had the camper all set up and ready for us so as soon as we got there we could just go do whatever we wanted. Cool with me. We decided to go and grab some famous Rocky Roccoco pizza for supper. This pizza is ok, but everyone else in my family all claim it is the best pizza made in this fine country. It’s definitely a different style of pizza then what a normal pizza joint would serve, but I don’t think it’s the best ever. They have a very doughy and oddly tasting crust to their pizza, and I think that that is the main difference. Anyways, it was good, and after we ate we went to Pirate’s Cove to get some mini-golfing in. We all decided to toss a little money into a pot that the overall winner of the weekend could take home. There were five courses and we decided to do all of them, to get the true PGA mini-golf experience. Call me inconsistent. I won two of the five games by a load, under par both times. One other game I was a close second, but the last two games I stunk up the entire lower Dells area. I couldn’t make putts for the life of me and I had a habit for not staying inside the brick courses laid out for the holes. I still ended up with the money, however, so I wasn’t really complaining too bad.

We met up with some family friends from Chicago for our little mini-vacation Friday night—Nan (the mom), Clayton (20), and Rob (12…or so). They spent the weekend with us. This weekend was kind of a sci-fi vacation for me. It just seemed to have all of the qualities of sci-fi for everything we did. I had another run-in with Bizzaro World that I will talk about later. The obvious sci-fi came from our visits to some sci-fi related places. On Saturday we went to a little sci-fi shop that had all kinds of science fiction props and look alikes. I enjoyed looking at all the alien stuff, especially the UFO room where they had pictures and stories and videos and other things. Call me a nerd, but I dig this stuff. I also got a picture of my brother with H.R. Geiger’s alien and a picture of me with the alien from Independence Day along with some snapshots of the Mars Attack’s aliens.

Another alien-like place we visited was on Monday when we went to see the “Forevertron” in Baraboo. I’d heard about it from a co-worker and thought I would check it out. He said it was interesting if you dig big metal sculptures. I do, so we went. What we saw, I did not expect, however. At this old doctor’s place are hundreds of metal animals, machines, and his gigantic, 400 ton “Forevertron” strewn throughout an opening in the woods across from a huge ammo plant. It was quite the sight. I felt like I was on the set of a Dr. Who episode, or an extra in some new War of the Worlds movie remake. Pictures really can’t do it justice but I’ll post mine in a few days for you all to look at anyhow. The sheer enormity and amount of work that this one old man put into his work was amazing. I was a very happy boy by the time we left.

Well, what else did we do... We also went to one of the go-cart places to get our male, testosterone-influenced, racing urges out. Nan, Clayton, Rob, my brother Ryan, and my Dad all went on the Ducks (amphibious cars) one afternoon while Randy, Mom, and I just relaxed. Well, this is about all I have time to write here today. Tomorrow be prepared to hear about my encounter with Bizzaro World in the Dells. Stay tuned!

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