Friday, August 02, 2002

Cars are Vehicles of Evil

Ok, so yesterday was just a really crappy day with cars all around. First, I got my speeding ticket in the morning. That’s enough to ruin your day, period, but it managed to get a little worse in concern to my car and activities based around it. Later, on the ride home after improv practice I was cruising along and all of the sudden a cat jumped out of the ditch and onto the road. I tried to miss it, but unfortunately I heard that horrible thud, thud. I felt really bad because I remembered how bad it sucked when our little dog, Scruffy, got waxed by a car on our road. That made me kind of depressed for the rest of the ride home. As I was getting out of my car at my house one of my bracelets caught on the door and snapped it and the wood beads flew apart everywhere. My car was just a magnet of bad luck the entire day.

Besides my car being a bastion of evil, the rest of the day wasn’t too bad. I went over to Julie’s house after work and hung out for a while. She had just gotten back from the Galapagos Islands. The coolest thing was that she commented on one of my past Daily Thoughts. I was so happy that someone actually has taken the time to read my Daily Thoughts column and even go back into the archives and read some old ones. You made my day, Julie! Erin also came over later and we went to improv practice. Practice was ok, and I’m stoked and ready to play tonight. I hope we have a good show tonight because our last show was really good, but we had a smaller crowd than usual (in other words, we didn’t sell out). I’m thinking we’ll have a decent crowd tonight, even though most of the Hayfield crowd is still on vacation. We’ll have to see.

I also managed to pick up the new Snot live cd yesterday, and the game Warrior Kings for PC. The Snot disc is all right, but I still have not been able to see the “magical” quality that Lynn Strait possessed. Ever since his death everyone has praised his talent and commented on how he was someone to watch in the heavy metal circles. I really don’t see him as anything special and I don’t think Snot would have been that big of a band. I guess I just don’t see Lynn and Snot being a big band if he had not died. I still would have probably bought their cds, if they would have made any more, but I don’t think I’d ever see them as anything more than just another nu-metal band.

I’m stoked to try out Warrior Kings. I didn’t have a chance to install it or play it yet, but from what I’ve read and seen it looks to be a lot of fun. It looks to be like a cross between Shogun and Warcraft III, and since I haven’t played any RTS games in a while (probably since Total Annihilation) I’m looking forward to firing it up tonight or tomorrow. I’m just curious as to how well it will work with my computer since it employs the new “SafeDisc” copy protection scheme, which many cd drives have trouble with. We’ll see. If it causes any trouble, it’s going right back to the store. Well, back to work. Have a good weekend.

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