Wednesday, September 18, 2002

Bugs Make Me Crazy

Ahh, how stupid little gnats and mosquitoes can ruin a completely good walk. Shouldn’t all the bugs that are around be dying off or migrating south for the winter or something? It seems like every day I come home with more bug bites and insect guts on me than the day before. I’ll often come in from a run through the woods at SJU and when I go to take a shower I notice how many gnats have amassed on my clothes, caught there in the massive pools of sweat.

Another case of bugs being a nuisance came yesterday. Anne and I were out for a walk in the woods at CSB seeing where one of the trails went (I’ve never went more than 100 feet on any of the trails at CSB). We came to a point where there was a nice bench out in the middle of no where, so we decided to sit down for a moment. No sooner than right after we stopped walking, the bugs swarmed us. As we sat down on the bench, the entire 8th platoon of the Left Wing Mosquito Navy decided they’d all strike at any exposed skin and even take a few shots right through our clothes. Well, they quickly won the battle, and we started our walk back. They may have won the battle, but when winter gets here I’ll be watching as they all disappear (but I’ll also be paying the price by not being able to wear shorts anymore—guess you can’t have everything).

Yesterday was also new release day for cds and dvd’s so of course I picked up a few of both. I grabbed the new cds by Theory of a Deadman (who are pretty much a complete clone of Nickelback) and Lifehouse. I also grabbed the dvds Panic Room, High Fidelity, and Grosse Point Blank. I’d seen High Fidelity before and loved it, so that’s why I picked that one up (and it was packaged with Grosse Point Blank, another movie I’ve been wanting to see, for $15). I’ve been interested to see Panic Room as it is David Fincher’s (Seven, The Game, Fight Club) latest movie. I haven’t been disappointed by any of his films yet, so I took the chance and I’m guessing this one will be good as well. I’ll let you all know once I actually find time to watch it. School has kind of been keeping me away from watching the movies I’ve wanted to as of late.

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