Thursday, September 19, 2002

Early Morning

I really shouldn’t be taking the time to write this at the moment as I have an astronomy test in an hour and I have a gigantic algorithms project due later today that I’m not done with, but I am in desperate need of a break. You see, I was working on this stupid project last night until about 11:15 pm and then I went to bed, but since I wasn’t done I got up at 5:30 this am to continue work on it and study. It’s 8:30 am now, so I figured I was due a break. I really didn’t know what to study for my astronomy test, so I’ve just been looking over different random things to see what I know and what I don’t. I think I’ll do fine, and I realized that I can take this class pass/fail if I like so that way I won’t have to study quite so hard in this class. I’d simply have to get a C then to pass the class, but then again it would be nice to just get an easy A in this class to pad the GPA a little. We’ll see what I’ll do after we get this first test back.

This project, on the other hand, is going to lead me down the path of mass murder, property destruction, larceny, theft, and eventually suicide because I FRICKIN’ HATE ALGORITHMS. I don’t know if I can reiterate that last point enough. You’re going to be hearing about this a lot the rest of this semester. I think we’ll get our first quiz back in that class today. Should be interesting to see how well I actually did. I felt unfamiliarly confident when I took the quiz, even though I just basically spot-learned the information on the spot. I’m also curious as to how many people actually have this project completely done. My guess is a lot of people are just going to hand it in half-assed. I plan on handing it in a day or two late as I’ve had some horrible, horrible problems trying to compile and run my project, along with trying to use the python scripts our professor wrote for us. I supposedly had (and still have) some weird shell problem that I have no clue how to fix because I rarely use the Unix machines. Oh well, I’ll live somehow.

Now on a completely different note, I think that our apartment might have some slight curse on it. For some reason lately, everyone that is there seems to have the need to take a nap while they are there in the afternoon. Take yesterday for example. I came back from class to find Karl napping in our room, and he never naps so that was a shock. Later, Andy’s girlfriend Amanda stopped over……to nap. So she went into Andy’s room for some quick shut-eye. Anne also came over for a visit after her classes and no sooner than 15 minutes after her arriving we were both asleep on the couch for a nice hour long nap. My guess is we have a small carbon monoxide leak somewhere in our room, but it’s small enough that it just makes us sleepy and doesn’t kill us. So as of now, we have a haunted apartment with a small carbon monoxide leak and a shower with an identity crisis. I wonder what other weird things we’ll find out about our place over the course of this year. Anyways, I’ve burnt a good 10 minutes for a break so I should get back to work.

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