Sunday, September 22, 2002


The weekend is now over and its time to start on homework, but before I undertake my Kripke and Plato readings, I thought I let everyone know how the weekend went. I came to some conclusions about drunk people and immaturity after hosting two parties this weekend.

First, Friday night I had a party here at my place for a friend of mine, Megan. It was a spectacular time and we had people come in and out most of the night. The main attraction seemed to be our dance dance revolution pads and loud, thumping bass pumping out of the stereo. I think close to everyone that came had their turn at the DDR pads. It’s so much fun to just watch all of the people who have never done it before. No one is really used to doing all of these complicated steps with their feet in time to the music. Usually, here on campus, when people dance at the pub or parties it mainly consists of no foot movement and a lot of hip gyration between two people. Not really my thing, but it might be fun every now and again. Karl and myself both prefer the footwork of DDR to the faux dancing at the pub.

Anyhow, I’m getting off track. Our party was going well and there was little drinking. Megan, of course had to as it was her birthday. Since she was a member of the frisbee team, it’s traditional that she drink a frisbee filled with beer. You may think that a frisbee can’t hold much liquid, but then you’d be wrong. A single disc can hold almost a liter and a half of liquid (or about 4 beers). Megan didn’t quite pull off a full disc as she had had plenty of other birthday “gifts” to drink already. Jeff, on the other hand, took down an entire disc as he was dared to, and a guy just can’t pass up a dare.

There were only 3 people drinking at our place and that was cool. They didn’t get stupid, they weren’t obnoxious, they just simply were having fun talking and playing DDR. It didn’t bother me at all (until later when some random drunk people showed up, but we solved that quite quickly by pulling the plug on the DDR pads until they left). I have to say that our party Friday night was a complete success and a lot of fun for everyone that came. Hopefully we’ll be throwing a few more in the future—everyone wants to get in on some of the DDR action!

Saturday, the Johnnies had a home game so Anne, Leslie, her sister Mel, Grew, and I all went to the game. It was kind of a cool day out and we all were wearing sweatshirts (the girls were wearing brand new ones that they had just bought that morning). The Johnnies won by a score of 48-10 or so.

While we were watching the game a bunch of people randomly stopped by to talk to me and many who were at my place the night before wanted to come over again and another bunch of people who hadn’t been over last night wanted to come because they missed out so I just decided we might as well have another party—so we did. A big portion of the crowd from the night before showed up first and we broke out the DDR and ordered some Gary’s pizza (best pizza ever!). People came in and out again this night, except there was no drinking last night. There was no need to and I didn’t want drunk people around. So we were all having a great time, but while Jeff and I were outside having some wonderful guy talk (and cooling off from the massive amounts of dancing we’ve been doing), two wonderfully drunk people showed up. They weren’t random people, we knew them, so we weren’t just going to kick them out. They came in, were acting obnoxious, were acting stupid, and were getting on everyone’s nerves. They were the opposite of the drunk people we had over the night before. It just goes to show how alcohol can have completely different effects based upon the person and the situation.

Here’s a theory of mine. When drinking, I think you tend to conform to the people you are around. When we had people drinking at our place Friday night, they were around many of us sober people and so they didn’t act silly drunk, they were themselves. Saturday night, the two drunk people had probably came from a party or somewhere else where there was obviously a group of drunk people and everyone was acting stupid (like big groups of drunk people tend to) so they continued to be stupid when they got here. It became quite annoying to the people there, and me most of all. After about 15 minutes, Anne, Mike, and I left. As we were walking back to Mike’s we were confronted by drunk people all over in the dorms. I can only imagine how much alcohol is consumed on an average weekend here. After we wished Mike a good night, Anne and I went down to the lake, because there I thought it would be nice and peaceful—and it was, for about 20 minutes and then drunk people showed up there. I found it quite comical, as a couple of them came up and started talking to us, and them being as drunk as they were, I had a little bit of fun with them.

Anyhow, I guess this weekend proved to me that I can only take so much of having drunk people around. I’ll just make due, and I’m glad I have many good friends who don’t see the need to be stupid drunk all of the time to have fun. You guys rock!

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