Tuesday, September 03, 2002

Low Key Fun

So my first weekend at college has come and gone already. How did this weekend flesh out? That is what you are here to find out, my friend, and I am about to tell you.

Friday night, after I read a good portion of “Laches” by Plato, I headed up to Jeff’s place (since he was on duty as a Residence Assistant in the freshman dorms) with Karl to catch a movie. We popped in Van Wilder and were quite entertained. I thought for sure that the movie would probably suck because the last couple of National Lampoon’s movies have been not so hot (Vegas Vacation anyone?). This movie wasn’t constantly laugh-out-loud funny, but it had some great moments (and Tara Reid is also gorgeous). That was basically Friday.

Saturday was a somewhat busy day. I got up and did some lifting right away to wake myself up. I also did some of my computational theory homework, and then ran into St. Cloud with Jeff. He needed his suit dry-cleaned and I needed to get some random odds and ends for our apartment—namely, a garbage can, a desk lamp, and extension cords. After finishing all this I returned to the apartment to find Karl just rolling out of bed. I can’t understand how people can sleep in so late, even if they are out very late the night before. I always feel like I’m just wasting the day away if I’m sleeping through it. However, I have always been a positive supporter of the nap movement, so I kind of contradict myself here, but anyways.

Saturday afternoon I was supposed to go to the soccer game as SJU but a better offer to play some sand volleyball was sent my way by J-Money. J, two other guys, and myself put in three games before we realized how much we couldn’t stand the bugs. My legs were covered in bloody patches because since I was covered in sand I couldn’t feel the bugs biting some of the time and they managed to suck their fair share of my red corpuscles, leaving a few on the skin of my legs. After taking a shower, I could see all of the lumps that formed on my legs. It looked as if I had some weird disease or a mutated case of the chicken pox. Oh, how I hate insects.

Later, as Karl returned from the soccer game (that I forgot to tell him that I wasn’t going to) we set up the Dance Dance Revolution pads. Oh, what a wonderful invention. We played for an hour, hour and a half easily. At different points of playing we had people randomly coming in to watch as they could hear the music outside since we had it cranked up and flowing through the surround sound. Andy said there were actually some people that came to the door asking if we were having a party. Sorry, just me and Karl dancing. Anyone who hasn’t tried this game definitely should.

The rest of the night was spent hanging out with friends and going on a chapel walk. My good friend Theresa is staying up this week before she goes for her study abroad so all of her close friends got together for a chapel walk. It was quite fun, even though we had to sludge through some treacherous terrain (namely, a 10 foot stretch of 6 inch deep water). I love just gazing up at the stars (which there weren’t any of Sat. night) and looking out over the lake back at campus and the woods. It’s always so peaceful and beautiful. We sat out there for a while, amazed at the beauty and reminiscing about the cartoons we watched as children.

Well, Sunday wasn’t quite as eventful. I got up, ran, ate lunch, and tried to do some disc golf in the afternoon in St. Cloud, but we were cut short after five holes by a pack of killer, disease-infested, rabid mosquitoes. Again, I was thoroughly covered in lumps. By now I probably have five different strains of the West Nile virus in me, so if you don’t see any new entries in the daily thought in the near future, I’m probably either comatose or dead. No worries.

The rest of the night consisted of finishing computational theory homework and watching Proof of Life with Burns and Karl. It was an ok movie, but it wasn’t anything special. Russel Crowe put on a pretty good performance, as well as Meg Ryan, but the movie’s plot was a little weak and had a few holes that could have used some patching. Anyhow, that was the finish of my first weekend back at college. Exciting? Boring? Action-packed? You be the judge.

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