Sunday, October 13, 2002

Activities Galore

So I took that computational theory test and I felt pretty good about taking it and I thought I did very well as I left. My professor has just posted the key online and I went to look at it and maybe I didn’t do quite as well as I had hoped. I made some elementary mistakes, I noticed, and it also looked like I had a couple of concepts backwards. I’m now curious as to how I did. Looking at the key, I would guess that I came out of the test with a solid “B”. Let’s hope for no lower and hopefully a little higher.

Friday was a fun day. After classes were finished, Karl and I went into St. Cloud and saw The Transporter. I wasn’t expecting much from the movie, but it turned out to be very watchable and I liked it a lot. Let me clarify why I liked it, though. First of all, there really isn’t much of a plot, and what is there is so riddled with holes it makes you remember you shouldn’t be paying attention to it. The reason the movie was good, was that there was a whole load of actions scenes that just kicked ass! Jason Statham plays the perfect tough guy—mean demeanor, gruff looks, sleek car, calm under any circumstances, and likes to beat or blow up everything that gets in his way. For mindless action, there is no better movie than this one.

After the movie, a bunch of us went to see Attention-Starved Children at the pub. They are the campus improv group. I had tried out for it earlier this year, and I thought I would be a shoe-in for the group, but the head of the group has a horrible dislike of me, so I didn’t get in. I still like to go, just to see Karl perform (and Pat Welle, but he wasn’t in this show). The rest of the group was pretty sketchy while they were on-stage (except Staffa, he’s good as well—but besides those three, the rest of the group sucks). Jeff and I had our usual fun time of finding wacky and odd suggestions for the group to try and work with.

The rest of the night consisted of a whole bunch of people coming over to my place to play DDR, like any usual weekend night. It’s unbelievable how much those pads have gotten used. I think almost every other day we have someone come over and want to play. I’m almost getting sick of the songs on it, especially Boom Boom Dollar. I’m hoping that sometime soon, either Karl or myself with pick up the other DDR mix that’s been released here in the US.

Saturday morning, Jeff, Karl, and I had a cookout in front of our apartment before the football game. We didn’t know how many people would show up since it was only about 45 degrees out, but we ended up having a ton of people stop by and we went through 60 hamburgers and about 25 chicken breasts! It was fun having just tons of random people stop by. We then went to the game. We romped on Carleton hard-core. We had already scored 21 points in the first 3 minutes so we all knew by then that there wouldn’t be much competition as the game went on. We ended up winning 49-7. We mostly played our second and third string players for the majority of the game.

Later last night I went to see Lilo & Stitch with Ryan and Julie. It is such a cute movie. I think it might have just beaten out Aladin as my favorite Disney movie. We almost didn’t get to see the movie, however, since the projector didn’t seem to want to work. I was scared because the dude who was running the projector wrecked the movie the last two times I had tried to watch a movie in that theater. Luckily, by some miracle, the projector fixed itself after a couple of minutes.

After the movie, I went with Anne and her mom to see a stand-up comedian doing a show called The Wonder Bread Years. I absolutely loved it. He talked primarily about the things we did when we were kids. I related to about 75% of everything he was talking about. I was constantly thinking to myself “Oh, I so remember doing that” or “Yep, I can say that happened to me.” It was so funny laughing and remembering my childhood. His act made my night.

Now today, I think I’ll try and do some homework before my volleyball game tonight, but we’ll see if that actually happens or not…

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