Wednesday, October 23, 2002

In a Rut

So I've been in kind of a slump lately. I've been sort of down and bored and I don't know what I should be doing all the time. I should be doing homework or something productive, but I just don't have the drive to do it. I wish I could explain to you better why I feel this way, but instead I figure you'd have more fun reading about what I'm doing instead of homework and studying.

Today I had a big Algorithms test--it was actually our midterm. This has been my most troubling class so far this year and I no doubt should have been studying for it, at the least, all last night and this morning. Well, last night didn't happen, but I did study this morning......for like 15 minutes. Last night instead of studying I played volleyball over at St. Ben's for an hour or so and then hung out visiting people that I knew that were down at the track. I so enjoy the company of people--there is nothing out there that can possibly replace the companionship of a fellow human being. After I had satisfied my thirst for human contact I migrated upstairs to the wonderfully comfortable leather couches in the HCC. I got all of my reading in The Phaedo by Plato done. Reading about the proof of, and arguments for, the immortality of the soul only raises so many questions and concerns in me. I spent just as much time pondering what was written as I did actually reading. If I could only read philosophy texts for the rest of my life, I don't think I'd really mind all of that much.

After my short time of reading and my long time of pondering, I went to see The Bourne Identity at the cheap theater in St. Cloud with Nikki. It was such a good movie! I enjoyed the plot, I was engaged by it the entire two hours, and I was never found to be uttering "like that could ever happen..." during the movie's run. When I saw the previews of this movie last year, I didn't expect it to be good, and I am glad to say that I was quite wrong. It was so much better than studying reccurence relations and max-heap sort algorithms. When I got back home I proceeded to read some more Poe and then go to bed. This morning I got up early enough to make my first class, but I decided to just not go. Instead, Nikki stopped over and we cooked a breakfast of hash-browns and hot chocolate. She had also missed her first class because her alarm was set for the wrong time. I then tried to study a little for my midterm, but I didn't get much done. After my miniscule amount of studying and eating breakfast it was time to head out and face this beast of a test head on.

I got there, sat down, got the test, and delved right in. I think I knew about 70% of what was on the test just from remembering what we'd gone over in class (I usually don't read the book......ever). The rest of the test I think I winged well enough to come out with a B or so on the test. I think I actually probably could have gotten a C, but we'll see when I get it back. Now, I got back and instead of writing my dialogue for philosophy, I am here writing this. I'll then probably head to the weight room and further delay any writing until it is absolutely necessary that I get it done. I think I need someone to remotivate me to doing my studies. Anyhow, I think I'm going to go procrastinate a little longer.

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