Sunday, October 20, 2002

Snow on Skin Actually IS Cold

In the last couple of days there has been a lot of cold weather and a lot of frisbee playing. You want to hear about it? No? Well, you’re going to hear about it anyhow. Thursday, we got about 3 inches of snow up here in St. Cloud. Since it had snowed our frisbee team thought it would be a good time to play some snow disc. It was a really fun time as we were sliding all over, falling down, getting wet and muddy, and just truly enjoying ourselves. We were playing for about an hour and we had turned the field into a gigantic, wet, mud-hole. It came time to play the last point so we had the idea that we should just play in only our shorts. I did not have shorts on underneath my wind-pants so I thought I’d just take my sweatshirt off and play in only my pants. I felt kind of left out since everyone else was just in their shorts so I decided to just take off the pants and just play in my boxers. So we played the final point and Wade through a long pass to me as I was running down the field. There was no way I could catch it except to dive for it, so I dove into the snowy mud, caught the disc, and slid for about a good 20 feet. I got up and I was SO COLD! We also had a bunch of people who had walked by and stopped to watch us play that started cheering and laughing. It was a riot, but I was unbelievably cold for like an hour afterwards.

Yesterday, I also had a frisbee tournament in St. Cloud to play in. There was no snow on the ground, but it was still very, very cold outside. We played against Bemidji in our first game and beat them quite thoroughly 13-1. Our next game was against the University of Minnesota B team. We beat them quite thoroughly as well 13-6. Our next game happened to also be against the University of Minnesota, their A team. We played them until the score was 9-9 and then the time cap horn rang so we had to play to only 11. Unfortunately, UofM scored the next two points to win 11-9. After that our team lost all of the momentum we had and we lost to the University of Minnesota—Duluth 13-6. We were supposed to have one more game after that against Stephen’s Point, but our team was very short on people (we only had four substitutes and two were quite hobbled and didn’t play much by the end of the day). We didn’t have any energy or drive left to play the last game, so we decided to not play. Stephen’s Point didn’t seem to mind.

During that day, I think I was the coldest I had ever been. I had a complete dri-fit spandex layer on, many more layers and I just couldn’t stay warm. Even when I was playing I had a hard time staying warm. I didn’t come out too often until the last game when I was having a hard time running because my feet were just killing me. I don’t understand why they can’t make cleats more comfortable on the feet. Because of that reason I also didn’t play today in the tournament. Well, that and because it was snowing and freezing cold this morning. I really have a hard time enjoying myself when playing disc in such cold weather. We should just have our tournaments earlier in the year so that we aren’t forced to play in such craptacular weather. Next week’s tourney in Winona can only be more frigid. It’ll be interesting to see what it is like then.

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