Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Bad Luck Charm

Wow, the Rogue Squad loses its third game in a row. How could this happen? The first two games were questionable because of bungling of the rules. They couldn’t screw up three consecutive games for the Rogue Squad, could they? Hehehe, oh how I was so wrong. This game was another one lost because of screwed up time keeping. So here’s the set up: first of all, the time keeper for the game is a dude on the opposing team. That’s fine since we didn’t really care, although we should have. Now we’re playing the game and it is a running clock game. Towards the end of the game when it is tied, a person on their team needed to tie his shoe so we waited around for about a minute for him to tie it up. For a situation such as this, he should have taken an equipment time-out. Whatever, we didn’t push it.

Now the game is tied at 9-9 and there is less than a minute left. First, a rules clarification for anyone that doesn’t know Ultimate Frisbee rules. If in a running clock game the time expires while a game is in a tie, then the game should be played, untimed, until another team wins by two with a hard cap at 3 points above the current score. The time did run out while we were playing so we technically should have played to see who wins by 2 with a hard cap at 12. We didn’t do this, however, and 10 seconds after time expired they scored. They called this the winning score and walked off the field to shake hands. Bull-crap. They wasted over a minute on equipment and then scored 10 seconds after time expired. We should have played one more point to try and tie the game up if they would have kept time correctly.

Everyone gives our team crap for being the “dick” team of the league, but we have never contested any of the blatant rule violations that have caused our losing, we have the most non-frisbee players. One of the big gripes from many of the other teams was that we had the most frisbee players, but how it is so completely opposite of what they claim. We always have the cards stacked against us, yet we still go out and play our game without fighting the other teams. Maybe we should start and actually live up to the reputation our team has garnered. I don’t know.

Now on a completely different note, the situation of Josh missing still hasn’t been resolved. I received this in my email today and it should help explain a lot of what’s going on for those not in the know:
I am writing to provide an update to the CSB/SJU community about the ongoing efforts to locate SJU student Joshua Guimond. First, let me thank you for your continued prayers and especially those of you who have been assisting in the search. Today, over 200 volunteers (including 100 Minnesota National Guard troops) physically searched over 20 square miles of land, even more by helicopter, including the water and waterways on and around our campus and I-94.

Regrettably, we have yet to find any information about Josh's whereabouts or circumstances of his disappearance. As we move forward, there will be patrols strategically searching the area. The Stearns County Sheriff's Department will continue to coordinate the investigation, including identification of people who may have seen Josh before and after Saturday evening. At this point, no additional volunteers will be required unless and until specific information leads to that need-in which case we will alert you via email.

As you reflect on these events, if you should happen to remember seeing or hearing anything that seems unusual to you in light of Josh's disappearance, please contact Life Safety Services at #2144. As we seek to understand what occurred and to bring Josh back to SJU and his family, please continue to pray and to take care of yourselves. There is a forum being planned to update community members and to allow a place for prayer and discussion. Information about the forum and any additional announcements will be distributed via email.
Thank you,
Jason Laker
Dean of Campus Life
Saint John's University
I really don’t know what to think about the whole situation. The even weirder thing is the other 3 kids who have gone missing. One from Bemidji, one from Minneapolis, and one from Eau Claire, I believe. They all are from the ages of like 20-24 and were drinking before disappearing. I find it a little bit sketchy that it is all happening at the same time. Are they related? I don’t think I am qualified to even give an answer. All I know is that four kids are missing and one of them is from SJU. I just hope it all gets resolved soon. I’m getting a little weirded out by having helicopters flying overhead and having search teams scouring our woods. It makes it hard to completely focus on the work at hand, and that especially sucks since I had a big computational theory test today and I have an astronomy test tomorrow. Let’s hope they go well. Anyhow, time to study.

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