Thursday, November 07, 2002

Finally Back

Sorry all for the time that my site has been down. If you’ve tried to get to it over the past couple days you will have been greeted by the wonderful 404 error. I should have put up a note a couple of days ago telling you all that it would be down. The reason for it is that the company that hosts my site decided they wanted to move all of their servers to Texas for some reason or another and while the servers were in transit my website was obviously inaccessible. Thank goodness it is back up as fast as it was, though. I didn’t know how long it would take them to transport all the servers and reset everything up at their new location. If it’s any consolation, I really haven’t had too much to write about the last couple of days anyways. In case you are still mad for some reason, I have added a new section to this page, that being the Poetry/Lyric of the Moment Section. I'll post lyrics and poems that have some special meaning for me or that I have a great appreciation for. I hope all of you will enjoy this new addition. You can find it right below the Random Thought here.

Our intramural frisbee league has started and we’ve played two games already, both filled with controversy. Our first game was against the team we dislike the most, mainly because their players have a problem with our style of game, which happens to be having fun and screwing around with the other teams (and some of our guys like to push the limits of the rules a little too). We lost it quite controversially in that the rules for how a game should end were not clearly defined so we had conflicting arguments as to how the game should be resolved. By one set of rules, which I believe we should have followed because it was the logical way of doing it, would have left our game end in a tie. The other team, on the other hand, didn’t like that option and decided to be dicks about it and come up with their own way of settling the game. We would have to have a winner and we would play to a set number of points that they decided. We lost in the end because of this. A tie was stolen from under the noses of the Rogue Squad. We were not happy.

Tonight was our other game. This game we lost because of mismanaged scheduling by the IM office. Our games are to be 40 minutes long and ours tonight was only 28 minutes long. That is a whole 12 minutes short. As the game ended, we lost by 2 (or 3, I’m not sure how it ended because our team was mostly concerned with getting more time and not on our play, unfortunately). 12 minutes is a lot of time to score many more points so we were quite pissed that we were shafted time. Many members of our team has some quite colorful remarks for the people who were taking over the courts at 9:30 (and I might add that they made us leave at 9:15 so they could set up even though they didn’t have any time signed up until 9:30). So the Rogue Squad was screwed out of another possible win. We might have won both of these games under different circumstances, but we might have also lost. I’m just saying that our team was not given a fair chance to compete, which sucks.

Our team has had a hard time winning these games and pulling ahead mainly because we have not come together as a team. All of our members are playing as individuals looking for the big play or when they get burned or broken they are looking for the person on the team they can blame. I really don’t like it, but I’m pretty much accepting that this is the way the team will be this season, which is too bad because I thought we would be more of a group of comrades instead of the conglomeration of individuals that we are at the moment. We still have time to pull it together and gel into a cohesive team, but I really don’t see it happening. Our team has too much ego for its own good. We’ll just have to see if, in the end, our extreme ego can overcome the team play of the other teams. I think it’s possible, but I think it will be hard for us to do. We’ll see.

On a completely unrelated note, I have recently come upon four bands that I absolutely love. Two of them I purchased on a whim because they were on Tooth and Nail records, which is a label who releases many albums by bands that I enjoy, and the other two I picked up because I had listened to a song or two by them on samplers. The two T&N bands that I enjoy are Sal Paradise and Driver Eight. Unfortunately, I am pretty sure both of these bands have broken up, but it doesn’t change the fact that these are two of the most pure emo bands I have listened to in a long time. Both bands impressed me most by their lyrical content and honesty. Both sound somewhat similar to a slightly heavier and slower version of Jimmy Eat World. The other two bands I found are Places to Park and Stutterfly. Places to Park are a pretty basic punk band on the outside but they have some emo moments and, for some reason, their cd is just really catchy. Stutterfly remind me a lot of a harder version of Finch. They contain a lot of punk sound with very melodic vocals punctuated by some very heavy screamed out emotive sections. If you enjoy Finch and would like to see what a heavier version of them might sound like then check out Stutterfly. It’s not very often that I find this many bands that impress me in such a short period of time……actually, it’s not very often that I find a band that really impresses me period. Anyhow, that’s all I got for you.

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