Sunday, November 03, 2002

Halloween, Tommies, and DDR

Wow, it’s been a fun and busy last few days. Halloween was so much fun. The pictures from Halloween night are up here. Ryan and I dressed up as women, and some pretty darn good looking ones too, I might add. Leslie did our make-up for us while Anne did Ryan’s hair and after about a half hour of their magical work Ryan and Rick were turned into Rachel and Regina. While we were all dressed up we went around trick or treating in Anne & Leslie’s building eating most of the candy as we got it (my stomach wasn’t the happiest with me later that night, but the candy was good at the time). We also went and visited a lot of other people we knew around campus and most of them were quite shocked when they saw us, but I can’t really blame them. It was so weird because I’d be walking around thinking I look like I usually do until I would see myself in a mirror and then all of the sudden it was like, “AHH, I do look funny”.

After trick or treating Ryan headed back home because he was pretty tired and I headed to the ballroom dance club’s little Halloween gathering. It was so much fun even though I had a hard time trying to dance in my girl shoes. I think a lot of the girls were slightly distressed by dancing with another pseudo-girl for the night. I think the highlight of the night at ballroom dance, as least in comedic terms, was when Van Roy had everyone clear out to watch him do some moves, but as he was showing off his moves, he came over, grabbed me, and proceeded to swing with me for the crowd. I stumbled everywhere because I had such a hard time with the shoes I was wearing. One of the guys got it on video so I’m going to see if I can get it in digital form and post it for everyone to see.

After ballroom I headed back home and just visited some people I knew around SJU because they wanted to see me dressed up. It was quite the fun and crazy night. The only bad part was that I couldn’t get the freakin’ make-up off of my face for the life of me. I was convinced after a good 15 minutes of scrubbing that the only way I was going to get it off was to submerge my face in turpentine, but luckily I thought better of it and just kept scrubbing.

Friday night we had a bunch of people over for some DDR action, just like every other Friday it seems. I love it because I usually don’t ever have to leave my place to go see people because someone usually ends up here. I’m pretty sure that the DDR pads are the best investment Karl has made for this apartment.

Saturday was the Johnnie-Tommie game. For those not in the know, SJU has a huge rivalry with St. Thomas, which has lasted for about 100+ years. Everyone always shows up for this game from both schools, and sometimes the crowd is equal to, or bigger than our homecoming crowd. The stadium was absolutely packed and, of course, the Johnnies won 48-28. After the game Karl, myself, and Ryan just chilled at our place. Ryan then left and it was just me and Karl hanging out by ourselves doing nothing for the longest time. We thought that we might end up just spending the night by ourselves since everyone was out at parties. Just when we thought it was going to be a boring, people-less night, people just started streaming in. Why? Because of the DDR pads! We had people over until about 3:30 hanging out, playing cards, and doing the DDR thing. It was so much fun! I love having people over at our place and getting to know some of the new people that come over. Anyhow, it’s been a busy and fun filled last few days. I’m hoping all of you out there had just as fun of a time for Halloween!

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