Monday, January 13, 2003

My Christmas Break Part I

Man, it is so weird to finally be posting a new thought after a solid three weeks off. Sorry that I haven’t been able to get anything up for you in that time, but I couldn’t get to my computer over break. So how do I tell you all about three weeks of experiences in a single thought? I don’t. I’m going to go over my break topically in the next couple of days so that you can get the complete lowdown on everything. So what should I start with? Let’s just start with my battle with death.

So I had been looking forward to having some time off at home to just enjoy to myself. It turns out that my body had other plans for me. Right after Christmas I got a nasty case of classic influenza. I had a horrible headache, I was extremely weak, and my body would go from freezing cold and clammy to sweaty and hot on a whim. This went on until the day after New Year’s Day. I had wanted to have a fun time and maybe go out or do something for New Year’s Eve but instead I really couldn’t very easily so instead I spent the night at my apartment watching Adult Swim on the cartoon network with Kristin. It was a fun time for us, but I just wish I would have been feeling better instead of fluctuating between an ice cube and a living flame.

After I got home a day or so after New Year’s I thought that I was better but I was sorely deceived. Instead I came down with a nice case of strep throat. I couldn’t swallow, my glands were very swollen, and I was weak with a headache. I refused to go to the doctor for it and instead battled it myself for four or five days. I managed to kick its ass, but in the process I felt like crap while I was at our Gebhardt Christmas and in the cities with my mom for her photography seminar. Sickness managed to put a huge damper on my break.

There were a bunch of other things I couldn’t do because of my wonderful sickness. Here’s a sampling: I couldn’t play in our alumni basketball tournament like I so wanted too. I look forward to it every year and I love seeing the guys again and playing some ball, but I was in bed for this year’s. The Meyer Christmas was also not too fun for me since I only sat in a chair, watched some tv, visited with my relatives a little, and then went home early because I felt crappy. I also missed out on visiting with a lot of friends while I was home and that really sucked because I usually only see some of them over breaks and during the summer. My body just had it out for me this break. Oh well, I’ll just have to beat on it later.

That was all of the bad news of my Christmas vacation so tomorrow we can move onto all of the fun things I did during my break.

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