Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Finals are Over!

My first final was actually last week on Thursday for my ancient philosophy class. It focused almost entirely on Aristotle’s Ethics, which I found to be quite interesting. I still do have a paper to write for this class, but I had been putting it off until my finals were done, and now that they are done I really don’t have too much motivation to write it, but I’m sure once I sit down and get on a role the paper will just flow out of me faster than I can imagine…or at least I hope it will. Anyhow, this final I think I did very, very well on. I’m pretty sure I got only a couple wrong at most. I knew my stuff for this one.

Now onto my next final, astronomy. I had this one bright and early at 8 am Monday morning. I spent all day Sunday curled up in my bed or curled up on a couch with books in my hands studying for all of my exams. I didn’t think that that was enough so I also got up at about 4:30 am-ish Monday to study even more before my exams. I really don’t think it helped too much. I’m probably just going to take my astronomy class pass/fail so all I had to do was get like a 60 on the final to come out ok. If I somehow managed to whip out a “B” or better on the final, then I’ll take the grade. We’ll see how it worked out when grades come out.

Later on Monday I had my computational theory final. I had really been dreading this one because I knew it would be hard. As much as I enjoyed this class and the concepts that we covered, this class sure wasn’t easy at all. Coming into the final I was getting an 86 so I had to get about a 75 or better to keep a “B” going in the class. I don’t know if I quite pulled that off or not as the exam was pretty hard, but not so hard that I couldn’t handle most of it. I really hope I did well on this exam because it would be so nice to get a “B” in this class because I don’t think I’ll be getting a “B” or higher in my other computer science class for the semester, algorithms.

Well, since I brought up algorithms, let’s talk about that final a little bit. I had that exam from 5-7 pm yesterday, which was by no means fun. There were a couple of problems on the exam which I knew the final answer for, but I didn’t remember the steps of how to do it, and that is what he is really looking for, so I’m sure I didn’t do too well on those problems. I’m hoping that I do manage to do moderately well on this final because then I will not have to finish the last project I was working on. The project is frickin’ baffling and I don’t think I could finish it without a great amount of time and effort that I just don’t have right now. I might just have to settle for the first “C” I’ve ever gotten in a class. I really wouldn’t want that to happen, but I suppose I can’t go through college without getting at least one “C” for something. I just really don’t have the motivation to try and teach myself the stuff for this last project, program it, test it, and write up a lab report. Besides, I have that philosophy paper I have to think about and get done as well and I have a lot more motivation to finish that.

Well, now that my finals are over, guess what I get to go do today? SEE THE TWO TOWERS TONIGHT!!! Oh my goodness, I am so looking forward to this. I’m going with Kristin to get tickets early right when the theater opens so that we can get in and see it tonight. If we can’t get tickets, I think I might explode and kill someone because I’ve waited a year to see this movie, dammit, and I want to go see it tonight! After the movie, I think I might head out to the Red Carpet in St. Cloud to unwind with Chen, Vu, and Johnny. They’re having the dueling pianos and Chen has told me many times that they are great so I’m anxious to see them. I might not go, though, if Johnny or Vu doesn’t come with because I’m not really much of a bar person, but I’ll go to celebrate or chill with people I usually don’t get to see at the bars. Johnny never goes so that’s really the main reason I want to go (no offense Chen, but I see you every day since I live with you).

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