Saturday, December 14, 2002

I Love Being Lazy

It may be finals week (or at least the pre-final study days) right now, but even though it is I’m doing a lot more socializing and non-school related stuff than I should. I guess I don’t really function well until a deadline is looking me square in the eye and threatening me that I won’t be able to beat it. I have two finals on Monday, astronomy at 8 am and computational theory at 2 pm, and one final on Tuesday, algorithms at 5 pm. After that I’ll be done for the semester even though I’ll be up here until Friday because I have to work at the prep school. It’ll be nice, though as I’ll have the days to just veg out and relax knowing that I don’t have anything else hanging over my head. That is always such a relieving feeling to have when you know that the pressures of deadlines, tests, papers, presentations, and all that jazz have been lifted up off of your shoulders. It’s like I’m able to breath fully again. I’m so looking forward to it, but until Tuesday night I still have that extra weight on my shoulders.

Yesterday, which was our official study day here on campus, was the perfect relaxation day for me. When I went to bed last night I fell asleep content, relaxed, happy, and not worried about a thing. Needless to say, when I woke up this morning the realization of what I had left to do before finals slapped me in the face again, but that’s besides the point.

I started off by getting up around 9 yesterday (early for a day off, I know, but I have a hard time sleeping in). I went and registered for a job fair in the cities, dropped off my resume with the on-campus interviewing office, set up a meeting with a career counselor, changed my graduation date to December of 2003, filled out all the forms for my philosophy major, got it approved by the head of the department, talked with my ancient philosophy professor about my paper, grabbed a quick breakfast and went back to my room……….all before noon. Talk about productivity! After I got all of that done I knew that the rest of the day was going to be a nice, no-work day.

I went shopping in the afternoon with Kristin to finish off our Christmas shopping for the year. I’m done, and I think she’s pretty close, which is good since Christmas is fastly approaching. On a whim, while we were in B Daulton Books, I picked up “The Abolition of Man” by C.S. Lewis. It was recommended to me by T-Rob, my philosophy professor, and remembering that I decided I’d pick it up and try to read it over break (it’s a short read so I should finish it in a day or two). After shopping we went to see Star Trek: Nemesis (mom and dad, I hope you guys don’t read this). The reviews made it out to seem like it was going to be a so-so movie, but I really liked it. It was easily on par with First Contact.

The thing that amazed me so much about the movie is all of the philosophical topics it managed to touch upon. Topics such as genetics vs. environment in social development, inequality in intellect & the possibility of changing them, cloning, and some other smaller topics. I would love to have a philosophy discussion session with some of my professors over this movie and what it brings up. For being a stupid sci-fi movie, it was deeper than I expected, even if it was somewhat clichéd in how it brought up some of the topics. Even if you aren’t a Trekkie, go see this movie because it is just great.

After the movie I was treated to a wonderful home-cooked meal at Kristin’s house by her family. It tasted so good to have something to eat that I didn’t have to cook myself or that was microwaved. As much as I love to cook, it is still nice to have a meal you don’t have to cook occasionally. We chilled at her place for a bit and then she had to head off to work and I went home to finish off the relaxation process of the day.

I got home, went over to Jeff’s for a bit since he was on duty and I hadn’t visited him for a while. When I got there he surprised me with a wonderful Christmas gift—a monkey bobble head! It’s frickin’ sweet cause it’s one of those monkeys that wears a fez and had the cup for money. Jeff, you made my night even better than it possibly could be! Thanks, dude. When I finished visiting with Jeff, I went home, talked with the apartment-mates for a bit, did a little reading, and then peacefully drifted into sleep. Why can’t every day be just like that?

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