Wednesday, December 11, 2002

I'm a Champion!

Yesterday was a pretty low key day. I had class and work in the morning, just like any other day, and then went lifting like any other day. A good portion of the afternoon was spent philosophizing over Aristotle and his ethics as I have a test on it tomorrow that I have to take. I am pretty sure that I have most of it down, but I’m sure that I’ll look it over a good amount later tonight and tomorrow morning. I want to do really good on it as it is one of only three things we’re graded on in this class. I’m always a little bit wary when a class is graded on a small amount of things because if you have a bad day or somehow screw one thing up, your grade is severely hurt.

After a good amount of reading over Aristotle’s Nicomachaen Ethics and taking a quick nap I sat down for a little different type of philosophizing—watching the Simpsons. I am always amazed by this show and the sheer amount of small in-jokes, layers of humor, and social commentary. My mommy called in the middle of one of the episodes, though, so I wasn’t able to fully focus on the television, but I’ve seen every episode more than once so it was no big deal. Besides, it’s always nice to talk to the parents every now and again. My mother informed me while we were on the phone, and I had also been told this a couple of days ago by my dad, that my little brother, Ryan, had just gotten his own four wheeler.

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