Monday, December 09, 2002

Gambling My Money Away

What a weekend, what a time. Let’s just start by saying that there was not a whole lot of sleep had over this last weekend (this seems to be a recurring weekend theme, doesn’t it?). It all started back on Friday. Let’s reminisce back to that day, a long 62 hours ago.

The day started like any other with classes and work and then a nice long run in the afternoon. Friday night I took Kristin out to Cold Stone’s for ice cream since she’d never yet been there (and she lives in St. Cloud, nonetheless!). I love eating at Cold Stone’s and I could probably live off of their ice cream. I don’t really vary what I get when I go, it’s usually French vanilla ice cream with cookie dough and chocolate chips mixed in…mmmmm…so good! Anyhow, the ice cream was good and after we finished we went back to SJU for the Johnnie/Bennie showdown. It was supposed to be like a take off of Double Dare or other challenge games like that, but we had no clue what was going on during the entire thing since we were sitting way in the back and the microphone system wasn’t working. It looked like it might have been fun for the people in it, but we were just thoroughly confused most of the time. The rest of the night we just watched Amanda play video games and hung out. It was a really fun night.

Saturday I got up pretty late, about noon-ish. Burns was nice enough to cook breakfast so we were all treated to a nice pancake breakfast meal. John also brought over some banana bread which I’m sure everyone enjoyed, it’s just I’m not a banana bread fan so I didn’t really have any. In the afternoon we had a special weekend frisbee practice because Katie had a couple of girls up to visit who are possibly going here next year and who play ultimate. She wanted to show them our team and have them play a little with us to show what type of people/team we were. It was a pretty fun time even though a group of soccer people took half of our track space that we DID reserve. We’re just too nice of a team to kick them off like we should have. Oh well.

Saturday night Vu, Chen, John, and I all took off for Mystic Lake Casino down in the cities. I needed to get to the casino. I hadn’t been there since summer and I missed playing blackjack. We started off at the blackjack tables and Vu got up about $90 within a half hour. I was also up about $50, but I kept playing alongside Chen while Vu picked up and left for the time being. I managed to whittle my winnings away back down to breaking even. We wandered around for a while then and got all the free pop we possibly could before we decided we’d try our chances at Bingo for a while. Of course none of us won at Bingo either, but it was fun for the time being. After Bingo it was time to go hit the blackjack tables again. Vu managed to pull off winning another little load of money and ended up winning a total of $115 by the end of the night. Chen and John were both down about $30 or $40, I think, by the end of the night. I left only being down $3 so I basically broke even. We then ate with Chen’s parents at the little diner they had there and then headed back to Chen’s place for a little rest before we headed out early in the morning.

Sunday consisted of me trying to get a little sleep in the morning and then I got up to go shopping with Erica in the early afternoon. She had to pick up a sweater for her mom and I needed to finish some of my Christmas shopping. We also had lunch/supper at Fazzoli’s, my absolute favorite fast food restaurant. I love how you can get a plate of spaghetti and unlimited breadsticks for $1.99. Yummy. When I got back home I tried to study my philosophy, but it didn’t work so well as I would frequently nod off and then wake back up knowing I had to be studying. I finally got fed up with it and just slept for like an hour before the Vikings game. I was so mad that we couldn’t pull off the upset. After the game ended I headed off to disc practice and then to bed. Now the next couple of days I have to focus on getting an algorithms project done, studying for a philosophy exam, writing a philosophy paper, and studying for my other finals. It’s gonna be busy so forgive me if I don’t get a lot of new posts up. I know all you other college kids understand.

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