Friday, December 06, 2002

Uggghhhh... Work

Do do do do, do doot doot do doot do……don’t recognize the Catina theme from Star Wars, because that’s what that is and that’s what I wake up to on my alarm clock occasionally like I did this morning. Today was different, however, in that I really really didn’t want to get out of bed. As I turned my alarm off I rolled back over in bed and planned on falling back asleep and just forgoing attending work this morning. As I lay there, though, the guilt of knowing I’d be skipping work weighed in on me so I drug myself out of bed and came this morning. I was starting to regret it because I know how much I would have enjoyed that sleep, but then as I was checking some of my news sites I came across the NBA standings up until yesterday. This made my day because right now, our NBA champions, the LA Lakers, are 7-13. Guess what else? They’re also in LAST place in their division. Oh, how I love to see that. In case you don’t know, I can’t stand the Lakers, Shaq, Kobe, Fox, or anyone on that team. It’s about time they got put in their place.

Now I also saw something very disturbing to me as well this morning. As I was waiting for my computer to log me on (it takes 5-6 minutes to log me on, no joke) I was checking out the Scheel’s ad because it was one of the few things to look at that was sitting at my desk and I got to the section for hunting equipment. There was your usual things advertised—gun bags, ammo, scopes, and other accessories, but also in that section was a little baby dressed up in cammo gear. What the hell? Why would you have a baby in the same section of an ad alongside .50 caliber guns? If we see a baby next to a hand gun are we more likely to buy it? “Aww…what a cute baby. Oh, and he’s next to a shotgun. I really should pick one of them up for my baby sometime.” I don’t get it. All it accomplished for me is making me go “Oh my God, why did they do that.” I think if I ever did want to buy a gun I’d be even less inclined to buy it from them.

Anyhow, yesterday seemed to go by unnervingly quick. I had work and classes in the morning and after I got back from classes I read and listened to some new cds all afternoon. I don’t know where the time went. Usually I get tired when I have to read for more than like 45 minutes straight, but I managed to go all afternoon. After I realized that my afternoon had flew by I made myself some food, watched the Simpsons, and then headed down to the Palestra to do some lifting for an hour or so. I’m still in the process of losing my Thanksgiving pounds (along with other various pounds I had put on before break). After lifting, I played some disc for a while and then headed home and watched the T-Wolves game with Megan. She didn’t have any homework to do so she was hanging out at our place when I got home.

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