Wednesday, December 04, 2002

Not Enough Sleep

Ok, if this thought seems extra random or incoherent it’s because I only got a little over 2 hours of sleep last night. I stayed up WAY to late watching tv with Kristin and my roommates. For once it was I that was the last person to go to bed instead of the last. I am so looking forward to 1:00 when my classes are done today so that I can go home and take a nice, solid, quality nap.

Anyhow, yesterday I took care of almost all of my Christmas shopping for this year that I hadn't already done. At this time of year I have kind of a love/hate relationship with shopping. I have a blinding hatred for crowds, and this season is the worst time for them. I usually try to go on off days and times to avoid people during this season, so that is why I went yesterday on a Tuesday afternoon. There were still utterly too many people around for my tastes, especially too many stupid people. One thing I noticed while shopping at Walmart is that shopping is a very elitist activity. As I was walking through the aisles picking up what I needed I noticed something. Other college students, mainly those who were male, and most men in general, were polite and made room for me to get around while they looked and I returned the favor as well. Now if I were to encounter a woman in an aisle instead of moving or saying excuse me or anything they would just stand there and ignore me and I would have to just sit there for them to move on from where they were or go around. Also when I would come to an intersection in aisles, men would kindly let me through and I would do the same—I think it’s a male understanding of sorts—we know that this is a dreaded time for us all so we try to help each other through. Women, on the other hand, would just walk right past me, cutting me off and caring less that they were being impolite. Do they all just think that since I’m a male college student that they can just ignore me and inconvenience me? I guess they do, unfortunately.

Now on the flip side, we have my love of shopping during this season. Mainly I love it because I get to go out and try to find the perfect things for my family and the people I know. I always hate getting gifts, but I love giving them. I managed to pick out Christmas presents for both of my grandmas, my mom, my dad, and a few friends yesterday. This also leaves me short on the money now, but that’s fine with me because I know it was money well spent.

On an unrelated note, the Rogue Squad played last night in the first round of the playoffs. Could we win our first game of the season to keep our season alive? Could we really do it? Are you kidding? Of course we couldn’t, winning just isn’t in our vocabulary. We’re like Wimplow from Kung Pow in that we think losing is winning for some reason. It seems like we approach every game by using the “our groin to their fist” maneuver. Oh well, I didn’t really care too much. I had fun and that’s what it’s all about for me during intramural season. Come tournament time, I’ll be hard-core and focused completely on winning, though, so don’t worry about me getting all girly in my sporting attitude. The game was also a lot of fun as Karl, Jeff, Jared, and I put on face paint before the game for intimidation’s sake. Pictures of us can be found here. We looked sweet.

After the game I watched Lilo & Stitch at my place. Great movie. Highly recommended. Go buy it on dvd now and watch it…………so what’re you doing still reading, go watch it—you won’t regret it.

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