Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Slinging Discs in Duluth

Wowsers, that was a long weekend. To start it all off, here’s an update on that wretched piece of technology I call my computer. You know how I kept getting that blank black screen when I was trying to install windows? I found out that the reason it did that wasn’t because of a problem with my computer or the installation process, but instead it was a problem with my monitor. When installing XP, the video signal is given a sleep signal and then given the actual signal, and by doing this, my monitor failed to get any signal after the sleep signal was sent so it just didn’t do anything, but the computer was actually doing something. I found this out by hooking my roommate’s monitor up to my computer since his acknowledged the signal that came. Finding that out, I finally got my frickin’ computer back up and running……mostly. I’m in the process of re-installing a lot of apps I had installed before. I also now have the Pro version of XP instead of the Home version, which sucks I might tell you. If you’re going to go with XP make sure you get the Pro version. Anyhow, I hate computers.

Saturday I started off nice and early since I had to get up and take Kristin to the dentist in the early hours of the morning. She had her wisdom teeth out a week and a half ago and one of the sockets was still bleeding so she had to have some gauze stuff changed that was jammed in the hole. Makes me glad I got to keep my wisdom teeth. After that we went out for breakfast at Perkins. It seems like Perkins is the only place that I’ve ever been to when going out to eat for breakfast. Is there really anywhere else to go to get breakfast in the mornings? If there is, I haven’t ever been there. Perkins was followed by getting some new fishies for my tank and heading home for a long four and a half hour nap. I was a tired cookie.

That night Kristin and I attended the performance of Luma at the BAC at St. Ben’s. We had tried to get tickets a week ago and were told that it was sold out so we put our names down on a waiting list. Two days before the show Kristin got a call asking if we still wanted tickets, and of course we did, so she told the person on the phone we’d love to take some if they had any left. They told her that we would have front-row center seat tickets because some people had cancelled. How lucky are we? I’m so glad we had such good seats as well because the performance was amazing. Imagine a mixture of juggling, comedy, light show, and magic all performed in pitch black to techno and classical music. I wholeheartedly enjoyed the show.

Sunday and Monday our frisbee team had a tournament in Duluth, so we took off Sunday morning to go play. We got home yesterday night at about 6:30 and I am unbelievably sore. I must be getting old or something. Actually, I think it’s because I hadn’t done any physical activity for 3 weeks because I was sick and then I was forced to play six ultimate games. I suppose that was kind of a shock to my body and it wasn’t quite ready for it yet. I had a great time at the tourney, though, and I thought we did very well.

We started with pool play on Sunday. First off, we played Winona State and beat them quite easily. I think we beat them by 8 or 9. We played a very good, tight game which we usually have a hard time doing in first games. Our second game was against U of M Duluth A team. This game we also played very tightly, but we also made enough small mistakes to keep us from winning. We lost on the last point, unfortunately, so that was a hard loss to take. I think we could have easily won if not for some bad defensive choices made throughout the game. Our last game of the day was against Hopkins and we kind of obliterated them. I think the final score was something in the realm of 21 or 22 to 5 or something like that. We had lots of chances to stretch them out and work on some of our long plays. It was also a lot of fun playing them because they never got down on themselves and they are a bunch of fun kids. I hope they do great in the future.

Our second day of the tournament consisted of the actual bracket tournament. We started off playing U of M Duluth B team. We managed to handle them quite well and won by 7 or 8. We were all pretty sore from the day before so it was nice to have a somewhat easy game to get our juices flowing. Our second game was against our arch rivals, St. Cloud State. They’ve got guys playing on this team that have been there for way more than four years, so it makes it almost unfair, but whatever. I just don’t like anyone on their team and they don’t like me, so we just play. We played them evenly up to 9-9 and then they went on a four point run to beat us. We just fell apart at the end instead of coming up big for the win. We just lost flow on offense and couldn’t convert for any scores. After that disheartening loss, we were in the 3rd place game against U of M. This game was also very close and was 10-9 towards the end and then U of M went on a 3-1 run for the win. Again, our offense just couldn’t convert. So we ended up coming out of the tourney in 4th place, which is exactly where they ranked us coming in. It’s too bad we couldn’t move up the rankings a little.

Now I have to get hard to work on all of the homework that I didn’t get done this weekend. I hope all of you had a good day off for Martin Luther King Day. I know I enjoyed mine playing disc and skipping class. Keep it real!

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