Friday, January 17, 2003

Technological Piece of Manure

Why, oh why, do you forsake me technology? What did I do to anger you? No answer? If that will be the case, then I damn thee to the deepest depths of the great dark underworld for your unfaithfulness to me. I have no pity for you and your unreliability. Your untrusting attitude shames me and I feel nothing in the realm of remorse as dismantle your being. I will tear you down and recreate you for failing me in my times of need. Your infidelity to my needs is unforgivable and I will have my retribution upon you. I will get even, yes, I will.

Ok, now that I’ve got that out of my system I’ll let you all know that my computer is uber-funked up. Yep, fubar in all senses of the word. You see, I had to restart it yesterday and as I did it came up to the opening log on screen, but this time it was different. Instead of listing the user names and such so that I could log on, I was faced with the stupid Windows XP logo and nothing else. There was no way for me to possibly log on. After many restarts, trying to boot in safe mode, trying to boot with previous configurations, and other tricks I gave up because nothing would work. I was disgusted and thought I would try to remedy the problem in another way.
I tried reinstalling windows on another drive. Well, it got halfway there but then couldn’t complete because my other drive was on a raid card. Ok, fine, I’ll just do it on the drive I had windows on previously then. It got so far, rebooted and left me at a screen of pure black. I thought it might be doing something so I left it for a while. I came back an hour later and still nothing. Dammit!

Since that wouldn’t work, I tried a full format so I could get a truly fresh start. Same black screen so far in. Maybe I had a hardware conflict somewhere so I started pulling out everything non-essential. Trying again the same thing happened. At this point I gave up and decided to kill myself, but as I was getting ready to throw the toaster in the shower with me, I decided I was hungry, so I instead made some food.
I have no idea what to do with that stupid computer now, so I think I might have to break down, throw out some cash, and go have someone else look at it and fix it.

I’ve had some of my fellow dorks look at it and they’re all as flabbergasted as me so I think it’s beyond our menial powers to fix. I’m thinking I’ll take it in today and hopefully when I get back from our frisbee tournament this weekend it will be working…… or it’ll have exploded. Whichever, I really don’t care at the moment. Computers…… why do I torture myself so much by depending on them for so many things?

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