Thursday, January 23, 2003

Visitation and Video Games

Last night seemed to be a night for everyone under the sun to come visit our apartment. After going into town to pick up The Bourne Identity and About a Boy on dvd, I came home to play some video games for a while before Kristin came over after her stint at teaching confirmation……err…CCD maybe…or something like that. Catholics are weird. Just call confirmation class, confirmation class and communion, communion and pastors, pastors. Enough with all the weird name stuff—CCD, Eucharist, priests, bishops, rooks, pawns, and the like. I guess that’s just my little beef with the Catholic church.

So I played some Delta Force: Land Warrior when I got home. I haven’t played video games since like last summer and now all of the sudden I have the urge to start playing again. I’m really liking Land Warrior because I get to play a sniper-type super soldier in the American army taking out terrorists. It’s a good relief for all of the pent up frustrations that I build up in some of my classes. It was also good to play Tekken 4 against Kristin because I could kick her ass most of the time (she did get some good wins in at the beginning, but then I hit my stride) and that helped boost my video game self-worth because most of the time I'm getting blown away by my brother Ryan or Karl or other people. I'm sure, if given enough time, Kristin is going to be able to easy defeat me......but let's hope that is a little ways off so that I can enjoy winning for a little bit!

Anyhow, as I was saying before, last night we had visitors galore. First, Amanda came over to visit Andy because it was their cuddle night for the week. Every Wednesday they have cuddle night where they both snuggle up on the couch, watch tv, and be all lovey-dovey. I think it’s cute. So Amanda was over, and then Kristin came over after teaching and we cooked up some T-bone steaks for supper. Oooohhh, so good! I love the choice meat that my family gets straight from the butcher. No middle-men or grocery stores—just meat straight from the cow, the way it should be. Over Christmas break my family got another 200 lbs. of meat to use over the next year so I brought a bunch to school since we had 200 frickin’ pounds! Ahh, the benefits of living on a farm.

Anyhow, we got done eating and Andy & Amanda wanted to watch a movie so we threw in Chasing Amy. As we were watching the movie, Jax from my volleyball team stopped in to say hi. I hadn’t seen her since before break so it was good to say hi for a bit. Later on Nikki came to visit with some girl I didn’t know and Brittany. After they got there, Ryan and Jeff both came over. Also during the course of the night Jared and Grew both stopped in on and off.

I really love it when people stop in because it makes it seem like you are a wanted person; people actually want to come see you! It was always weird being in the country where no one ever came to visit because everyone lived so far away that you couldn’t just walk down the road to hang out. I was used to being solitary, but college helped to turn me into more of a social animal. Now I crave contact and I will miss the atmosphere of college when I finally have to leave it in a little under a year. It’s also hard to imaging that in like less than two months I’ll be 22. I honestly have a hard time coming to grips with the reality of my being as old as I am. I am still so na├»ve to most of the world that I wonder how well I’ll be able to fit into the “real world”. Everyone here on campus assumes I’m a sophomore since my best friends are and I only wish that I could make that true. I know that I’m not even close to being done learning all that I want to. Sometimes it’s a very suffocating thought to know the reality of the limited amount of time I have left to spend here and that only begs to bring up the reality of my own mortality which gives me shakes and shivers to no end. Ok, I’m not going to go there and think about that now. I’ll just be done for the day.

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