Friday, January 24, 2003

Stupid Chalk Writing

Roe v. Wade—a very important and landmark decision in governmental medical policy in our wonderful United States. Was it the right decision? In my mind, no—and that is an adamant no, in case you couldn’t tell. I’m sure that I am quite biased in this case, simply because I love life, but I have just a hard time understanding the entire concept of abortion. For me, it is simply terminating a child—and by terminate I mean kill. In the United States killing someone is murder and punishable to the full extent of the law……unless the murdered is still in the womb, then it’s cool and supported by the masses.

I was reminded of this case because yesterday both the SJU and CSB campuses were covered in chalk drawings and posters and crap about this landmark decision. Now realize that St. John’s and St. Ben’s are Catholic private colleges. For all that I have been taught and what I have noticed, is it not the Catholic belief that abortion is wrong? They seem to state that it is. We are a Catholic campus so how come there is all of this open support for abortion on our campuses? I suppose we could say that they are supporting choice, but that is simply renaming what you are talking about. Do they simply not want to create a controversy? I prayed all day yesterday for rain to wash away all of the stupid chalk writings on our sidewalks.

Another thing that I have issues with is the shifty beliefs of some of the pro-choice supporters. By being pro-choice you endorse the Roe v. Wade case outcome, and that is that an unborn child is technically not a person. If it is not a person, it is simply an extension of the female’s body, such as tonsils or her spleen or something. Tonsils and other organs are removed and when removed, die. These tissues can then be put to medical research use without any controversy. Following from the Roe v. Wade decision, a fetus is equivalent to your tonsils. Since this is the case, stem cell research on fetuses should be a normal thing to do. Why, oh why then do pro-choice supporters also claim that stem cell research is a terrible thing to do? You just killed the fetus so why not at least get something to benefit society from that lost life? I just wanted to explode from the illogical fallacy of this line of reasoning. If you are pro-choice, by the law you don’t view a fetus as a person so why the hell does it matter what is done once it is removed???

I’m sorry, I just had to get that off my chest. Now that my moral diatribe on pro-choicers is over I can move on. Anyhow, yesterday I went to tryouts for Attention Starved Children again. There were only like six people trying out so it was a little different having more members there than people trying out. I really don’t know if I’ll get in this time either for reasons stated in past random thoughts, and if I compared how I was at last night’s tryouts to last semester’s tryouts, I don’t think I was quite as smooth. Eh, we’ll see come Sunday because that’s call-backs and they had everyone called back. The rest of the night I was just kind of grumpy so that was unfortunate for anyone who was around me. Well, I’m spent for the morning. I’m going to go head home now and catch a nap before class.

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