Tuesday, January 28, 2003

I Hate Tampa Bay

This past weekend was one of many interesting happenings, some good and some bad. Let’s start with the good because it is always more fun to hear about that, isn’t it? I like to think so. Oh, and sorry for not putting anything up lately. I’ve had a lot of reading and writing to do for my classes. It should cool down after tomorrow……hopefully.

Anyhow, Friday I went to see Darkness Falls, which sucked. To make up for the suckiness of the movie, Kristin took me out to eat at Guadalehara (I’m pretty sure I spelled it wrong, but I never was very good at Spanish). I must say that this place is great if you love Mexican food. The food here is very similar in nature to what I’d usually get at Fiesta Mexicana in Rochester. I had the steak ranchero and it was so good. I admit it was very spicy and I don’t have the tolerance for hot food as much as I used to, but boy did it just hit the spot. The rest of the night was basically made up of playing video games and just chilling.

Saturday I did a whole lot of homework. I had a couple of books that I needed read for this week so most of the day consisted of laying on the couch with a book in my hands (and napping occasionally because one of the books is just uber-boring). In the afternoon, I went with Nikki and a bunch of people to go see Bowling for Columbine. I thought this film was absolutely great. I also think it ran a little long, but that’s forgivable as Michael Moore had a lot to say. He should have, though, focused what he was going to say. As the movie went from start to finish Moore jumped all over the place and went from topic to topic, sometimes it seemed without a connection to the material that came before it. In that sense, this movie was very incoherent, but in another sense, it brings up so much that you have a lot to discuss after you leave the movie theater. After the movie I spent the rest of the night in my apartment. I did a bunch more homework and then watched a movie with Karl and his girlfriend Julie. It happened to be Ronin, a wonderfully good heist movie.

Sunday I had a lot to do as well. I got up, goofed around for a while, then headed over to St. Ben’s because we had callbacks for Attention Starved Children, the improv group up here. As you will remember I did not get in last semester because of unknown reasons, and this semester you will also be glad to know that I did not get in, because one of the members thought I was “difficult.” Hmmm…yeah, that seems like an improv disability. It wasn’t because I couldn’t develop characters, it wasn’t because I didn’t know the rules of improv, it wasn’t a lack of energy, it wasn’t anything to do with improv at all, the lead of the group simply didn’t like me. Well, whatever, life goes on. It just pisses me off that some people have to base things on personal prejudice instead of what they really should be basing it on—talent.

After tryouts, I watched the Super Bowl at O’Connell’s with Karl, Kristin, and Nichole. Unfortunately the game didn’t swing the way I wanted it to. I was really hoping Oakland would win because I can’t stand Warren Sapp and Keyshaun Johnson. They both just bother me because they are overly cocky. I did, however, win a whopping $5 off of the game as the total of the two teams scores at half time added up to my number in our little apartment pool. Yippee!

The rest of that night I was off to play volleyball, which didn’t take long at all as the team we played sucked horribly, and the team we played on Monday also sucked horribly. I wish those teams would realize how much they suck and move down to the “C” division or something, where all the sucky teams should be in the first place. It’s just no fun to play against teams that you can destroy. There’s no competition and it isn’t nearly as fun. Anyways, I’m off to class, but I wanted to get this up before I went there since one of my avid readers…*cough*Nicole*cough*…is getting really antsy for something new.

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