Wednesday, February 05, 2003

We Finally Got Snow

Well, we have snow now—at least a good six inches! It came down Sunday night and made the roads horribly yucky to drive on and many schools cancelled school Monday morning. Since we were getting all this wonderful snow, Nikki, Kristin Hunter, Chen, and I went out to play in it. We took some cute pictures that I’ll get up shortly. We had an absolutely wonderful time playing snow disc, soccer, other random snow games, and building a snow turtle (the snow wasn’t packable enough for a snowman). We definitely took advantage of finally getting snow after our long, dry spell this winter.

After we played in the snow, we came in to hang out, watch movies, and have some hot chocolate. We were banking on school being cancelled the next day so we stayed up WAY to late (about 5 am if you’re wondering). We watched Minority Report and Karl & Jeff played a lot of Tekken 4. It felt a lot like a big slumber party, especially since the girls were staying over since they missed the last bus (the buses quit running early so a lot of girls were stuck over at SJU for the night). Unfortunately, we still had school the next day, although I missed my one class as I slept right through it. I guess that’s what I get for staying up so late.

Our volleyball team has been doing good. We won our games on Tuesday and Sunday, but we lost our game on Monday. I’m pretty sure the reason we lost on Monday was because we only had three members of our team show up so we had to grab some random people to come play with us. The chemistry wasn’t there so we couldn’t pull it off in the long run, although it still came down to the third game with us losing that one 18-16. I was having a real off night as well on Monday, so I’m sure that contributed to it. Before our game I found out that one of our fellow volleyball players thought I was just a talker and had no talent. This really affected me as I was constantly second-guessing everything I did wondering if I could do it better. I guess if you’re playing us and you want me to suck, you can just get in my head by telling me that I suck.

On a side related note, Rotten Tomatoes released their best of 2002 movie list this week. I was looking it over and of all 341 movies released in 2002, I’ve only seen 36 of them. That a paltry 10.5%. I thought that part of the reason that might be is that I usually wait for a lot of movies to come out on dvd before I watch them, so I wanted to check my theory. I looked back at both the 2001 and 2000 lists from Rotten Tomatoes as well and in 2001, of the 279 movies released, I’ve seen 42 which is a solid 15%. In 2000, of the 170 movies released, I saw 43 of them for a whopping 25%. By this, I’ve come to the conclusion that it takes a year or two until I start to see most of the movies out in a year, so basically I’m about 2 or 3 years behind the times when it comes to movies. Just thought that would be an interesting little nugget of information for you.

Well, I would expound a lot longer on more random junk, but I have my law test to study for so I have to leave this short. Hopefully I can remember all of the law terms we need to know……if not, I guess I’m just screwed. Oh, and if you are curious, the logic test I had last week I got a 98 on. Not too shabby in my book.

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