Thursday, March 27, 2003

At Least We Got The Exies and Authority Zero…

As I had said in a previous thought, this year’s Pinestock headliner is going to be Everclear. What I didn’t know was who the supporting bands were going to be. I found out a couple of days ago that, along with Everclear, the Exies and Authority Zero will be playing. I am still not too stoked about Everclear being the headliner, but knowing that the Exies and Authority Zero are going to be playing rekindled my desire to be at Pinestock.

The Exies are a great modern rock band, doing everything right that Everclear seems to do wrong. I wanted to catch them in concert when they were coming through the cities with Trapt about a month back, but I had night class on the night that they were here. I love both of their cds, especially their newest one, Inertia. Authority Zero I was also going to go see last weekend with Sum 41 and No Use For A Name, but my little bro Ryan was up and I didn’t want to leave him all by himself. As much as I was somewhat unimpressed with Authority Zero’s disc, I’m still excited to see them perform live. For anyone that is going to go to Pinestock I would heavily recommend checking out cds by both of these bands before you go. Also, any of you readers out there who don’t go to SJU or CSB and would like to come up for Pinestock (it’s on April 26th, a Saturday), drop me an email. Tix are $30, so be warned that it isn’t cheap.

I saw Everclear last year or the year before, I really don’t remember when, but what I do remember is that I was really disappointed by their show. I saw them at St. Cloud State with Nickelback, who was opening for them and, in my opinion, put on a way better show. If Everclear only played songs off of their So Much for the Afterglow and Sparkle and Fade discs, I would love it, but they play only a song or two off of these older discs. They mostly play the sappy crap that they put on their three most recent discs (all of them complete bombs, in my opinion). After So Much for the Afterglow they just seemed to lose all of their ability to write good rock songs. Instead they’ve been manufacturing radio-friendly crap. Every song they have released to the radio in the last 5 years has completely blew. Oh well, that’s who we’re stuck with this year and I’ll just have to live with it. At least I got the Exies and Authority Zero to look forward to.

Well, it looks like it is going to rain later today, ending the nice day streak we’ve been having here at SJU, but that’ll probably be a good thing because I really need to get my research paper completed. I’m pretty close now. I’ve finished up writing the opening, the Aristotle section, Abelard section, and most of the Kant section. What I have left to do is finish the Kant section, write the St. Augustine section, do the application section, and finish it off with a nice conclusion. I’m thinking of dropping the Augustine section, however, because my paper is already almost 20 pages long without including it. Considering we only need to write 15 pages for this paper, I think I can trim my paper a little and not worry about getting a worse grade. I just have to get it all done by Tuesday.

Once I finish up that paper, I will have a relatively easy end to the semester. I’ll have a logic test or two, a morality paper, a test or paper in my ethics and law class, and then I give my presentation on my research paper and I’m done. That may seem like a bunch of things to do, but compared to an average end to a semester, this is going to be easy. Oh, for my research paper presentation, I will be the first one giving it. I’m limited to 15 minutes so I’m really going to have to condense the ideas in my paper. Ok, I’ve got to get to work.

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