Monday, March 31, 2003

How the Mighty have Fallen

Hey, there’s been a new addition to the Pinestock roster for this year—De La Soul! I’m pretty sure this is the first time we’ve ever had a hip hop artist come to campus for this event. I’m really stoked to go now—a hip hop artist, a great modern rock band (Exies), and a fun punk band (Authority Zero). I still don’t know if it is exactly worth all 30 of the dollars I’m going to pay to go, but I’m sure it’ll be a great time.

Saturday morning I had a 3-on-3 basketball tournament here at SJU. It was the annual Johnnie-Tommie tournament. They have the bball tourney on both campuses and the winner of each campus plays the winner of the other campus at a T-Wolves game. Of course our team wasn’t the one that won. We were there to play simply for fun and to get some t-shirts and T-Wolves tickets. I played with Nate Hubbard and Vu Nguyen which made for a very interesting team simply because of the fact that Nate is about 5’11”, 175 lbs., Vu is 5’9”, 125 lbs., and I’m only 5’11”, 186 lbs. We were the smallest team there easily. In a couple of the games we played the other team’s smallest player was bigger than our biggest guy. We did have a lot of fun playing, though, and Nate managed to win a sweet T-Wolves practice jersey.

The best part of the whole tournament was the fact that we got 4 T-Wolves tickets for $40. You can’t get a deal like that anywhere. Even though we’re only seeing the Wolves play the Clippers, I’ll still be able to get my T-Wolves fix for the year in. I’m still surprised that that will be the first game I will have gone to this year. Usually I make it to at least a couple. It’ll be a really fun time going with Vu and Nate, and also because I’ll be taking Kristin to her first ever T-Wolves game.

Saturday night I went to Kristin’s house because they were having a large family get together. Some of her relatives were moving to Poland so they wanted to get everyone together before they left so that everyone could say goodbye and see each other before they left. I had a fun time meeting her relatives and talking with her cousins. They even came out to my place to hang out for the night. I hope they had a fun time. I felt a little bit bad because while they were there watching a movie I fell asleep because I was pretty tired from the bball tourney and not getting much sleep the night before. Combine that with the turkey we had for supper and all of my caffeine wearing off, and you had a very tired me that couldn’t keep his eyes open for anything.

Sunday I wanted to work on my research paper most of the day to finish it up before it was due on Tuesday, but unfortunately I was unable to. I had saved my work on one of the campus servers so that I could work on it from my room and from anywhere else on campus, but during the weekend that server went down. Because I only had my work saved on that server, I could not get to it. I called IT services on campus, but they don’t have anyone in on the weekends. No one could fix the problem and I couldn’t get to my paper. Why wouldn’t they have someone around on the weekends in case something like this happens? Now I’m forced to rush myself today and tomorrow to putting on the finishing touches which I would have had done on Sunday.

Since I had the free time on Sunday, I went to our frisbee team’s scrimmage against Cretin-Durham Hall high school. It was fun for a bit, but got very not fun very fast. We had a pretty good amount of people there so we had to keep subbing people in to make sure everyone got to play. Now I have no problem subbing out so that everyone gets to play, but the way that we were doing it was so stupid. I wouldn’t be able to stay in for more than 2 points (which was a pretty short period of time against them) before I’d have to sit. I could never get any type of flow with the constant coming off and going on. I would gladly sit longer on the sidelines if I could stay in for a little while longer to get myself some flow. It turned into an exercise in frustration for me so I decided it would benefit me to leave, which I did.

Last night we had our first round of playoffs in our volleyball league. We were ranked #1 (which is about the 3rd or 4th time we have been in the last 3 years) so we thought we would have a decently easy first couple of games, but we were again foiled by the bracketing gods. We ended up playing the #2 team right away in the first round. We also lost in the third game to yet prolong our streak of losing in the first round when ranked #1. The only time we won the championship is when we were ranked pretty low. I don’t understand how our team can choke so badly when it comes to playoff games. Again, two of our players were not playing very well—serving out of bounds and spiking into the net. It is so frustrating to watch because one of those players used to be our best hitter and now he’s become a liability. It just seems like they don’t play smart. I think that is probably our biggest problem is that we don’t play smart. All I know is that we need to pull something together as we only have two chances left to win a championship—Monday and Tuesday leagues. Let’s hope we don’t choke.

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