Saturday, March 01, 2003

Why Can't I Time Travel?

So I have a solid three days, starting today, to be all by myself here at my apartment in St. Cloud. This is such a different atmosphere with no one around (well, Jared is here next door). I have no real worries since it is spring break so what shall I do? It’s like having three consecutive snow days off from school. I used to love snow days, be it elementary school, high school, or even college. Yes, we have snow days here at SJU, but only because when it gets too icy or snowy the buses can’t run between campuses so people can’t get to their classes. Since they can’t get to their classes SJU and CSB just cancel classes. It’s sweet. I remember last year when we had a snow day off.

I believe it was a Sunday night when it started snowing and by morning we had over 30 inches of snow that had fallen on us. It was amazing. Everything was covered up and it was as if the season had just completely changed from fall to the middle of winter (as we didn’t have any snow on the ground before this 30 inches). Cars we completely covered, you couldn’t see the roads, and not a single vehicle was out as I looked out my window. There would be no school today and I had it free!!! What was I going to do? I was faced with the same dilemma I am now by having a lack of anything to do. In answer to that question last year--Jeff and I decided we’d go into St. Cloud. Talk about two stupid males doing stupid things. After making the decision, we had to find out some possible way to get there. Eureka! I had a car! We could use that.

After bundling up (well, as much as two college guys are going to bundle up) we headed down to the parking lot to get my car out from under its 30 inch burial of snow (which the road was also buried under you must remember). We got there and a few other people had the same idea as us so they were already working getting their cars out. Someone had managed to get their truck out of its entrenchment so they were driving (well, spinning their way through) through the snow that was on the road of the parking lot trying to clear a way for other vehicles to drive (because our grounds crew didn’t really care too much about clearing the lots since we had a day off). It didn’t look like many of the other people trying to get their cars out were having much luck, but we were going to get mine out if it was the last thing we did that day because we had nothing better to do with our time (besides homework, studying, and being productive of course).

I popped the trunk of my 1994 Saturn SL2 open and grabbed the shovel out of the back and I also got the mini-shovel I had in the back seat out (for some reason I had two shovels in my car—fate must have knew I’d need both of them). Jeff and I got to work shoveling out my car. About 45 minutes later we had uncovered my car and made a little path to try and get it out. We managed to get it out of the parking spot, but as we were leaving we kind of hit a little snag…we got stuck again. We shoveled and pushed and shoveled and pushed and a lit bit (probably 20 minutes) later we were out again. This time we were home free and out of the parking lot.

Well, what should we do in St. Cloud? Go to the mall and Best Buy! As we got there, both were closed for the day because of the snow situation. Grr…that sucked. After driving around for a while we found the only places open were Walmart and Perkins so we were stuck checking out the Walmart and eating at Perkins. So much for having a productive day at the mall and playing with gadgets at Best Buy.

Now today I am faced with the same decision I was posed with that fateful day last year…what should I do today? Except this time it is a little different because there is no snow (except for a couple little piles of snirt [snow-dirt] lying around) and no one is here on campus. What am I going to do? I think I’m going to watch some movies and read a book. That’s what I think I’ll be doing, but who knows for sure what I really will do.

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