Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Why Do We Want War so Bad?

I forgot to post this in my last few entries, but for those of you who don’t know yet, this year’s Pinestock headliner is going to be Everclear. For those of you who don’t know what Pinestock is, it is an annual concert held at Watab Island here at SJU with a big-name headliner and some smaller bands. Last year we had Soul Asylum and the Jayhawks. Two years ago we had Ben Harper, and my freshman year we had Train and the Marvelous 3. I am kind of disappointed with our choice of Everclear. They just played here last year at St. Cloud State for their big college concert. I think SJU was horribly unoriginal in picking Everclear, and I hate to see such a sell-out band playing our campus as well. I loved their earlier stuff from So Much for the Afterglow, but everything after that has been pretty lackluster. Not much I can do, though, as that’s who we got.

So yesterday I finished up playing The Sum of All Fears and as fun as the game was, I felt really cheated once I beat it. The game was very short. It consisted of 11 missions, each one, on average, taking me about 15 minutes to complete. Giving the game the benefit of the doubt, I still only played for about 3 or 4 hours. This seems unreasonably short for a game, especially when people are shelling out $30-$50 for a game now (luckily I picked up this game for only $7). It felt more like an expansion pack for Ghost Recon (as that is the game it is based on). If you can pick it up for a couple of dollars, I will recommend it as a pretty fun game, but don’t expect a lot of play time from it. The realism of the game came across very well, and I was even sometimes frustrated by the level of realness, but other times it was apparent it was just another Rogue Spear clone. Now I just have to try to decide which game to pick up next. I always need a video game to be playing to use as an out for the frustrations of school and homework.

Ok, so I’m betting almost everyone out there was watching television at about 7 pm last night to catch the president’s address to the nation. Looks like we’ll be starting a war in a day or two. Isn’t that just a wonderful thought? People are going to die, innocent people along with soldiers, because two men seem to want to flex their muscles and see who has more testosterone. Saddam wants to be a big macho dictator who possesses lots of weapons, making him a feared man, while Bush simply wants to show that the US is the bad-ass, take-no-shit from anyone, superpower of the world. Neither one wants to back down from the positions they have formed because if they did, the one who did back down would look foolish and be the lesser man.

I have dreaded this morning for months now, but it didn’t turn out to be the climactic day I thought it would be—that’ll be Thursday. What I don’t understand is this war on “terror”. What is terror? In fact, what is a terrorist? The United States government has not yet given us an acceptable definition of either. When will the enemy of “terror” be defeated? When we kill Saddam? When we obliterate Iraq? When we take down North Korea? When we leave every other country in the world in rubble because they seem like a threat to us? Where is the line drawn? WHO THE F*CK IS TERROR? At least in every other war we knew who our enemy was. With this impending war, or the one we’ve been embroiled in since 9/11, we have had no clear enemy (sure there are Bin Laden and Saddam, but they were merely figureheads for “terror”). Wasn’t revenge had when we beat the crap out of Afghanistan? Once we beat up on Iraq, will we stop, or are they merely a bullet-point on a list of targets the US wants to take out?

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