Monday, April 14, 2003

Karma Readjustment

Things have gone a lot better since Thursday. I always like to think that after a horrible day such as that, the next few days will be a lot better so that my karma doesn’t dip too much in one direction or another. I think my theory holds, at least from how the weekend went.

Friday night Vu and I went to the T-Wolves game against the Clippers. This was his first game that he’d ever been to, and he got to see the Wolves do some stomping as they obliterated the celler-dwelling Clippers by 16. SJU had at least 100 seats in our section reserved for all of the people who were in the Johnnie-Tommie 3-on-3 tournament, but Vu, myself, and only about 6 other people showed up. I don’t understand why you would miss a T-Wolves game if given the opportunity, even though it was against a horrible team. I knew there wouldn’t be much competition, but it was still great to see the Wolves in action with my own eyes.

After the game, since we didn’t have to be back anytime soon or have anything to do, we headed off to Mystic Lake Casino to throw some of our money away……and that’s exactly what I did do. I managed to lose $25 in a little over 20 minutes. Ouch. Vu also went down $35 right off the bat, but we (and by we, I mean he) stayed in and kept playing. Over the next hour and a half or so, he managed to win back all of his losses, then he won back all of my losses, and then he went up about $25. I was amazed. The luck just seemed to shift towards his end of the table. I also can’t thank him enough for giving me $25 since I lost mine so quick. That small gesture (well, it wasn’t really so small since it was $25 after all) was the best part of the night. Just knowing that I have a great friend like that who would go out of his way to do something that nice when he could have just as easily kept the winnings all to himself. He didn’t lose my money, so why should he have to give it back to me? He was just nice like that……unlike a little someone who borrowed my car and was too damn cheap to put any gas in the tank even though I told her that was the one condition in which she got my car. I’m not going to say any…*cough*Yen*cough*…names, but that just wasn’t cool.

We got home really late Friday night so I headed right to bed since I had a volleyball tournament in the morning. When I reminded Chen of this fact he only then realized that his thesis defense and the tournament were at the same time. I was now down to two guys for a 3-on-3 tournament. The next morning Casey and I called everyone we knew, but no one was around so we eventually picked up some random guy at the courts to play with us. We won our first two games, but lost our second two. Being it was a double elimination tournament, we were then done. We did have a fun time, though, which is all that really mattered to me. They also had a lot of free food, and not just crappy free food, I’m talking grilled burgers and dogs. Casey and I got our fill before we left. As we were leaving I found out Casey would be here next year as he was taking grad classes at SJU, so we’ll still have another legacy player on our volleyball team (which is good since it is a lot harder to replace guys on volleyball teams).

That night my family came up to visit and see Karl perform in The Crucible. Seeing it again was really fun. I think they did a wonderful rendition of it, even if they changed the costume and stage to be weird just for weirdness sake. After the play, my family and Kristin hung out at her room until the late hours of the night. We had a little celebration for my mommy’s birthday since we were all together.

After my parents took off for their motel, all of us went back to my apartment only to walk in and find it taken over by Luka, his brother, and a bunch of their random friends. None of them lived in our apartment, yet they had commandeered our living room for their use. It wasn’t too big of a deal except my brothers and I wanted to go to bed. They could have went over to Luka’s apartment, which was only a 20 second walk from mine, but they just didn’t leave, which was not cool in the least. I had commented a couple of times that we were going to bed and even brought our pillows and blankets out into the living room, but they didn’t seem to take notice or care. Not wanting to kick them out and seem like a dick (even though I had every right to, and should have), Ryan and I went down to the lounge in the basement and slept on the couches down there.

The next morning my family had to take off for my cousin’s confirmation in Janesville. It was really nice having them all up for a night. I kind of get to missing them a little bit while I’m up here. Anyhow, after they left I went against my better judgment and cleaned up after the people that had stayed in our living room. No one else in our apartment ever seems to want to clean so I usually give in and do it. If I didn’t take out the trash in our apartment, it would not have been emptied once yet this year. It’s just a little annoying that our place gets so dirty (especially since I’m a tad bit of a neat freak).

I spent the rest of the day reading out in the sun, going for a run, and then watching the new Simpsons and Malcom over at Kristin’s place. It’ll be weird during the summer not going over to her place on Sunday nights to watch tv as it has become automatic for both of us. Anyhow, I think the weekend turned out a lot better than last Thursday. It’ll be even better when I get all of my gas money ($10), and not only part of it (the proposed $6). The money really doesn’t matter to me, it’s just that I hate it when people don’t follow through on their promises and aren’t appreciative. I guess some people just have a hard time realizing that the world doesn’t revolve around them.

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