Friday, April 11, 2003

Could Anything More Go Wrong?

So I really didn’t fix the problem with my website, it just kind of went away all magically and crap, which is good……but weird. Apparently just SJU and CSB students couldn’t access it for a couple of days, and for what reason? Who’ll ever know? Thanks to the couple of people who actually emailed me and helped me out—there weren’t many of you, so that either means my audience base is waning or that no one wants to send me emails. Either way, it’s not going to deter me from my writing.

Yesterday seemed to me to be a day of contradiction…well, not contradiction exactly, but maybe more of extreme opposites. I had some awesome highs and some deprecating lows. Life always seems to be like that, though, in that you rarely ever remember the mediocre times, but instead only remember the highs and the lows. I guess it’s only natural that we wouldn’t want to remember what was boring or mundane.

I hopped on this tilt-a-whirl of a day yesterday between classes. Up until that point, everything was cool and normal, but then I got a phone call from one of my friends asking, well, more so demanding that she use my car because she had a job interview and her best friend just left her hanging. Before I go any further, I’m just curious as to what kind of friends people have if their best one just bails on you when it comes to something as important as a job interview. I would never be able to do that to one of my friends, let alone my best friends. Understandably, I sympathized and going against my better judgment, I loaned her my car for her interview, however, on one condition—that she fill the tank with gas. I figured that would be repayment enough, especially considering this person had a very bad track record with using my car. After loaning out my car, I headed down to frisbee practice.

It was a beautiful day so I was looking forward to playing some good disc in the sun. Needless to say, after we got done throwing around and practice actually started, it got crappy quick. The guys team was going to put a zone on the girls team so that they could get some experience against it before the tourney, but they only had six people and you need seven for a team. I said I would play with them, but their captain, Maggie, told me absolutely not and that I’d watch. She picked someone else to go in instead. What a bitch move! I was inches away from back-handing her on the spot. Lil’ B sympathized and let me in to play after a bit. As I was playing, it was just no fun, and no one was subbing so I was forced to watch most of the time on the sidelines, not wanting to be mean and just sub myself in and make someone sit. I don’t like being a jerk like that. Being it was so nice out, I didn’t want to waste the day so I just left and went for a run.

My run was so peaceful and serene that it made up for all the crap the day had presented me so far. I bathed in the sun, got a good work out, and simply smiled because it was so beautiful out. As I got home, I saw my keys on my chair, which means that Yen brought my car back, which is good because she has been known not to in the past. Of course, the good had a bad side—she didn’t leave a note as to where my car was. Cute. Well, I got ready to go out for the night and Yen showed up walking by my apartment so I asked her where my car was, so that dilemma was resolved. She also said that she had put gas in my car, which was also nice to hear. Things were back on the upswing…

…Until I got out to my car and got in. The gas gauge sure didn’t read full, in fact, it was lower than when I borrowed it out. Put gas in the tank, my ass. Maybe she just farted a lot on the way home or something, but there sure wasn’t any gasoline put in the tank. Why would you lie about something like that? Am I not going to notice the gas gauge when I get in? Did she really think that I was that stupid? I don’t really know, but I do know that I should trust my instincts more and not give in to her any more. I’m always getting screwed for being nice, I don’t get it. I guess no one has any gratitude anymore. More proof to show that people suck.

I was still determined to have a fun night, so Kristin, Vu, Laura, and I decided to go out and hit up bingo. At the Emporium, if you’re new you get in free so we would get to play for nothing!!! When we got there, though, we found out they had quit doing that a couple of months ago and also that Thursday nights are the only full-price nights. We just picked the wrong night. Now instead we decided to hit up a movie at the cheap theater. Unfortunately, none of the good movies were playing at the late time, so that was also out. Things were just not swinging our way at all, so we hit up the mall for a while. That was a lot of fun, and it helped bring my mood up.

Still determined to do something we went bowling and had a blast. I even bowled a game left handed!!! And got a 59 doing it!!! Thank goodness the night finally turned out good. We all had a great time, we were all happy, and I could end the day on a positive note…or so I thought.

Back at CSB, Kristin was going to buy us a pizza to eat so I asked them to put in a pepperoni for us, which they did, but when it was ready, they asked me how many pieces I wanted. Uhh…all of them? I ordered the entire pizza remember? Oh, you did? Well, we already put half of it out and people took it. What the hell? We already paid for it, you know. Oh, well here, just take this cheese one. Fine. Just so I can get out of here. Dammit!!! Fate just had to come back, smite me down, and laugh. Well, today is another day, so let’s hope for the best……or at least better……

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