Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Housing Lottery Nightmare

Looks like I’ll be living across the hall next year. We had the housing lottery (well, the second one) yesterday and got into the apartment that Jared and Berg have across the hall here in Virgil Michel. It won’t be too bad. I like their apartment set up better than ours, but that doesn’t change the fact that I would still like to be living in the nice apartments of Placid and Maur where I’d have my own room and bathroom. Instead, I will still have a roommate and communal apartment bathroom, but it’ll be fine living with Karl again.

Now the lottery itself was a fricking zoo. They assign everyone in the lottery an exact time to register for your room. Mine was at 4:16 pm yesterday. The lottery started at 4:00 pm, just so you know. As 4:15 rolled around they said they were taking people with the 4:02 time slot. Great, so in the 15 minutes of registration they managed to get 2 minutes worth of people through. It also didn’t help matters that they kept everyone who was not registering in the hall outside of the registration room. There were about 100 guys in that hall crammed in awaiting their time to register. I felt bad for the people who had some of the times that were way later than us.

We finally got in to register at about 4:50 pm—a solid 35 minutes after I was supposed to get in. When we got to register we easily got the apartment we wanted, mainly because everyone wants to live on lower campus. I really don’t know why since it’s so far away from everything, but whatever. While I was waiting, though, I got to wondering how they actually did the lottery process. I was easily one of the people with the most credits there, so why did I have such a late time? Apparently your credits don’t mean too much. They just lump everyone with more than 95 credits into one bunch and then randomize the times. This is retarded because someone with 132 credits such as myself got put behind many people with less credits. In fact, the first pick in the lottery went to some guy with 96 credits. I even asked a lot of the people who went before me how many credits they hand and I didn’t talk to one person with more than me. Insane.

Each day that I keep spending on this campus, the more I get to hating it and the more I love it. It is such a weird dichotomy. I love my friends and classes more and more, yet I come to loathe the administration and students more and more. I truly love the friends I’ve made up here and my classes are actually get interesting for me. On the other hand, the rest of the people on the campus prove to be assholes more each day, further proving that most of the campus is a collective waste of life. The administration also has that wonderful ability to piss me off on a weekly basis. There really is no middle ground of experience for me, yet I am stuck in that middle ground because all of my experience falls into the extremes and their average creates a middle. Maybe it’s good that I only have one semester yet, but who is to say that the real world might be any better. I’ll keep hoping, but I’m well prepared for disappointment.

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