Thursday, April 03, 2003

Winter's Icy Fingers

To think that I thought winter might be over. How could I be so foolish? Mother nature is intent on leaving little tidbits of winter weather around just to remind us that, indeed, we are living in Minnesota. This could be evidenced by the thin coat of ice on everything this morning. I walked outside of my apartment on my way to work and almost took a dive right into the garbage can because my feet didn’t seem to want to work. After waking up a little more than I usually am on my way to work, I realized that I wasn’t experiencing some type of odd gravitational anomaly, but instead the walkway was covered in a layer of frozen water. I spent the next 15 minutes waddling to work so that I didn’t fall over. I’m sure anyone that would have seen me would have swore that I was some odd type of duck/human hybrid bred by some evil genius that lives in the basement of my apartment complex.

It was also easily apparent that this is Minnesota during our frisbee practice yesterday. We were practicing on the prep school’s football fields right next to the lake so the wind was unbelievably strong. Wind usually isn’t a big deal. I like the wind actually as it can make a nice day seem even more alive, or it can alleviate the blistering heat of the summer just enough to make it tolerable outside……but yesterday it was only a little bit over freezing out. The combination of the extreme wind and extreme cold (well, at least for this time of year) made for a cold and slightly unattended practice. We only had 8 people there so we were unable to hold a scrimmage like we usually would, so we played the box game, which is basically like playing half-court, 3-on-3 basketball. It felt oh so good to take a nice warm shower after we were done.

Now many of you may have noticed that the last few posts have been pretty negative in tone (if you didn’t……well, good for you, I guess). I’m hoping that things are back on the upswing now. I just handed in my first draft of my final research paper yesterday which takes a good load off of my shoulders, a 23 page load to be exact. Now all I have to do is prepare my 15 minute defense that I have to give on the 22nd of April. I don’t know if I’ll be able to condense everything I want to say into only 15 minutes, but that’s all of the time that I am allotted to use. I suppose it’s a good thing to know that I have more material than I can fit into the time than too little.

I also got to register for my classes for next semester yesterday. I’m going to have the absolute crappiest schedule imaginable. This is going to easily be the worst schedule I’ve had yet. On days 1-3-5 on our 6 day schedule I will have exactly 0 classes. Yep, no classes on odd days, so what does that mean? Yep, you’re absolutely right—all 4 of my classes are on even days! Starting at 9:40 am I’ll have Modern Philosophy, then at 11:20 am I’ll have Philosophy of Science, then at 1:00 pm I’ll have Business Ethics, and finally at 2:40 pm I’ll have Philosophy of Law. I’m thinking of switching my Philosophy of Science course over to the Morality and Human Nature course, but since I’ve taken both a human nature course and a morality course I’m not sure if I really want to revisit all of that stuff. The reason I’d switch is that I’ve heard the professor for the Philosophy of Science class is horrible. I’ll have to see, I guess.

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