Friday, May 30, 2003

Julie and a Meatball Sub

Yesterday I didn’t get a thought up because I managed break my computer, so I spent most of the time installing and reinstalling stuff while I was at work. Lots of fun, believe me……ok, so I lied, big deal. At least it kept me busy and gave me the opportunity to chill to my mp3 player while I worked.

After work is when the actual part of my day starts. I pretty much just consider work a part of my day that I give up and then once it’s over I can start my usual routine. So yesterday after work I got together with Julie to have dinner. We perused the mall’s food court and finally decided to go with subway. I really wanted to get some Manchu Wok, but they don’t take credit cards and I didn’t have any cash. I don’t understand why they’re the only food place in the mall that doesn’t take credit card. I would eat there every time I was in the mall if they did, but since they don’t I usually eat somewhere else.

We had a nice time just relaxing and talking. It was really good to actually have something to do in that couple of hours I always have between finishing work and going to improv on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Usually I’d just work late or hang out by the studio academy and read or sleep while I waited for practice to start, but yesterday was different! Yay!

Improv practice went ok, but we were missing some people so it seemed like an incomplete practice. Afterwards, I headed home so I could get a little bit of time in playing Baldur’s Gate with Ryan. I really do love being able to play a role playing game with two players. I think he might have withdrawal from it this weekend as I will be gone. Yep, that’s right, I’m not going to be home as I’ll be taking off for St. Cloud after work today. It’ll be the only chance for us to hang out for almost a month since both of us have things going on for the next three weekends. Anyhow, I will update you all when I get back.

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