Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Just Cut My Damn Hair

I have figured out what one of the most awkward situations in life is—paying for a hair cut at Great Clips (or, I suppose, any equivalent hair cutting place). Don’t think it’s awkward? Don’t have hair? Well, in either case, I’m going to let you into my world for a brief time so that you can experience this odd sensation of awkwardness.

After I got done with work yesterday I was supposed to go have supper with Julie, but the fates conspired against us and we didn’t end up getting together. First, I only had her cell number and she didn’t have her cell. I left her a message on her cell from my work phone. Why from my work phone and not from my cell? The reason for that would be that I had put my cell in the charger backwards the night before so instead of getting charged it had all the juice in it sucked out, so much so that it wouldn’t even turn on…until later at improv when I was demonstrating how it wouldn’t turn on. It then decided to turn on, but only for a moment before turning itself back off.

Anyhow, I couldn’t get a hold of Julie and she had no way of contacting me in Rochester when my cell was broken so I took the free time to get my hair cut. It was getting pretty shaggy and I was tired of wearing a mini-mop on my head so I had the hair cut lady (I don’t know what you really call them, stylists maybe? But they’re not styling my hair, they’re cutting it. Eh, whatev) take off a good amount of hair. It looked good and I was quite satisfied so it came time to pay.

I was at the register and the lady who cut my hair told me it would be $13 for the cut. That’s always been pretty expensive in my book for about 5 minutes of work (I don’t get my hair cut very complicated so it goes pretty quick). I give her my credit card and she asks me, “So that’ll only be $13 on your card?” Well, yes, of course, because that’s how much it costs. As I told her yes, she gave me a weird scowl like I was some type of thief or villain.

She handed me back my card and had me sign the receipt, but all the time glaring at me. Ahh, I know why she was looking at me so funny for now—she wanted me to tip her. Well, this may sound pretty callous, but she doesn’t need a tip from me. She’s getting paid by the hour and even if it is only $5 an hour or something small like that, I’m not taking up hardly any of her time—10 minutes tops, and what she is doing is quite easy. No shampooing, no conditioning, no coloring, no perming, no nothing except going over my head with a scissors and razor quickly. Call me a dick, but I can’t justify paying more than $13 for that. Why should she expect a tip? When I fix a computer at the prep school, they don’t tip me. When I update the web pages at Kingland, they don’t tip me. Why should it be any different for hair stylists (or waiters/waitresses, for that matter, but I’m getting off topic)? I don’t think she was going to convince me to tip her by glaring at me anyways. Oh well, I got my hair cut and was out of there in 15 minutes, so I was happy.

Yesterday I also picked up Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance for Xbox. It’s been a while since I’ve played a good role playing game and this one promised to be fun since you could play it with two players simultaneously. I got home after improv practice and fired it up. My brother, Ryan, and I decided we’re going to play through the entire game together. Really, I think all future role playing games should include this option because it’s so much more fun to play with someone else than by yourself. I know you’re going to tell me to go play some game like Everquest where there’s tons of people, but I don’t want to pay monthly fees or dedicate that much time to playing.

Anyhow, as we started one of the first characters you talk to is a barmaid who is half dressed and honestly has to have some of the most monstrous boobs ever seen in a video game. Not only are they huge, though, but they have realistic jiggling. I am pretty sure they put just as much development time into creating the physics of her boobs as they did implementing the new 3rd edition AD&D rules. I found it comical and unneeded at the same time. Really, is there any need for a gigantic breasted woman in a fantasy role playing game? I hope the rest of the game has less to do with boob physics and more to do with story and action.

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