Friday, May 23, 2003

Let's Start the Revoking!

To follow up a little on yesterday’s thought, here is another article about the recent turning over of Iraq to the US and UK. I really don’t think that this is going to be a good situation for the US. If anything, I can see this brewing more trouble for us than help it will provide for the Iraqi people. Giving the US and UK complete control over the reshaping of Iraq is like giving me control of a comic book shop for a year. Sure, I’m going to want to make sure the comic shop does ok, but I’m sure as hell going to make sure I get my fair share of comics for free, or of little charge. Basically, Iraq is going to be a US territory (not literally, but in spirit) for the next year or more in which time we decide what happens in that country. Honestly, I think that is way too much responsibility for the US to handle.

Anyhow, I’m just fed up with our foreign policy at the moment……ok, I’ve never liked our foreign policy, but anyways. So as I was coming to work this morning I was confronted by the epitome of human stupidity. Well, maybe not the epitome, but it was pretty close. I was driving to work on highway 14 and I was getting close to Kasson. I was going to pass a semi when the truck right behind the semi pulled out in front of my to pass. I slowed way down to the speed of the truck (about 66 on a 65 mph highway). This usually pisses me off enough, getting cut off like that, but wait, it gets better.

The semi in the left lane couldn’t have been going any slower than 65 mph and the truck that was passing it was cruising along at a whopping 66 mph so you can only imagine how slow this passing process was taking. Finally, as the truck was inching in front of the semi, it decided to match speed with the semi for a good, long mile. I’m not kidding, it just kept pace with the semi right at it’s nose so I couldn’t get around and the truck couldn’t merge to the right. I was about ready to just ram the truck off of the road.

The truck, by an act of God, finally got ahead of the semi after about 4 miles and merges to the left. YES!!! Finally, I can start driving again so I speed back up to 74 (always drive no more than 9 mph over the speed limit and most cops won’t take notice). I noticed, as I was booking along, that the truck I just passed was now keeping pace with me. What the hell?!?!? I just spent 5 minutes waiting behind him passing a semi at no more than 66 mph and now he just wants to cruise along with me at 74 mph. Honestly, I think I must have been in Bizzaro World again.

Just as a side note, the driver was a very old man which only goes to prove that people over the age of 60 should never, ever, in any given circumstance, ever drive a vehicle on a major highway. As a side note, most women shouldn’t drive either because I think every stupid driver that I have come across is either A) an elderly person B) a woman or C) some dumb college aged kid trying to get himself killed via caricide. Well, that’s just my opinion, so don’t take it too seriously.

Well, only about two hours of work left and then it’s a three day weekend! It should be a nice relaxing time as Kristin is coming down to visit Saturday and Sunday. I’m looking forward to it. Until the next entry—don’t eat the purple berries, they’ll make your liver explode.

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