Thursday, May 22, 2003

Iraq? You Mean US, Jr.?

While at work, I’ve ran across a couple of very interesting news articles. Besides being interesting, I see them as being a sign of a very dangerous future for the US. Before I go any further, the articles you should read are here and here.

According to these two articles, the US & UK will now be in charge of Iraq. We will be the ones in charge of the reconstruction and of their oil exportations. Iraq is a gold-mine of oil that is waiting to be tapped. The Iraqi oil processing facilities may not be in the greatest of shape, but I am sure that this will be one of the first things that the US addresses as it is rebuilding Iraq. Combine this with the fact that our main reason for going into Iraq (the finding and eliminating of weapons of mass destruction) has turned out to have been a wild goose chase, and we have some cause for concern.

We entered into Iraq because we thought that they possessed weapons of mass destruction and because we thought that they were connected to the terrorist organizations that were responsible for attacking our country in September of 2001. As one of the articles notes, we were not very sure about the connections being there, but we went forward anyhow. We also have not found any weapons like we said were there. These two facts raise many questions in my mind, as they should in the minds of any decent American.

Since we didn’t find what we were looking for, and our motivations for our actions were clearly misguided, shouldn’t we gracefully and apologetically leave? I would think that to be a logical course of action. We could even assist in the rebuilding of Iraq, but instead we are taking over the country with the UK for an indefinite amount of time (they will review how well we are handling Iraq in one year’s time). As I have said before, we are merely turning Iraq into our pawn. We need to start looking for our news from other sources than CNN and MSNBC, which are based in the US, because they skew the news to make it not so hard to swallow and to make it more pro-US. Read the BBC or any other country’s news and see how the US is viewed.

Okay, my political ranting is over. I’m just really questioning of the US’s motives for many of their actions. Anyhow, yesterday I started watching Children of Dune. This is the sequel to Dune that was show on the sci-fi channel a year or two ago. I was a big fan of the original and I missed this one’s run on television so yesterday I picked up the DVD. I’ve watched the first part of the three and so far I am not disappointed. It really makes me anxious to read the books, but before I get to them I have some other books on my to read list.

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