Tuesday, May 20, 2003

And It's Over

Happy birthday Randy! I hope that today was a great day for you. Everyone who wants, please wish him a happy birthday……even though if you’re reading this, it was probably yesterday. I wish today would have been my birthday, which is an odd thought in the first place (since I hate birthdays), but mainly I just feel that way because today was just so blah and yuck.

Today was one of those days where you wake up (or get woken up) and you just know that for whatever reason, the next 24 hours are just not going to go your way. That is probably one of the oddest feelings to have. Nothing has happened yet, you have the entire day ahead of you to make yours, and you are newly refreshed, yet you just know none of that matters and the rest of your day is slowly being flushed down the pooper.

It wasn’t waking up that was too bad, although I did get woken up a tad bit early by my dad. His intentions were good. It wasn’t work because there was nothing out of the ordinary there. I did spend most of the day working out one small javascript error, however. I even put in an extra hour today because I wanted to finish up my web pages. It wasn’t my little nap I took before improv practice. I don’t think it was practice or the ride home either. I think it was just an aura of evil surrounding me throughout the day.

Ehh, I’m not really up to writing more today. I’m sorry, but this short thought will be the cap on a completely forgettable day. The end.

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