Monday, May 19, 2003

Settling Back In

My first day of work for the summer is now in the past. This year’s first day was a lot different than last year’s. First, I didn’t have to go through all of the orientation that I did last year which was nice. I always feel more comfortable entering an environment where I have at least a little semblance of knowledge of how things operate. Second, I actually had work to get going on right away today as opposed to last year where it took a week or two before there was much for the interns to do.

It is a little weird being the only intern in the Rochester office, however, as it makes me feel really young. Of course everyone that is there is very welcoming and, in fact, it was nice to see a lot of the people there again, but just knowing that you are the lone intern is a little daunting. I feel like I have some high expectations to live up to since interning is basically a testing period. I really think I’d like to work for Kingland after December when I’m done with school, so because of that I feel like I have to show them a lot so that they will want to take me on as a part of their team. I’ve already admitted that I don’t know some of the tools that I will be working with, which can sometimes put you off on the wrong foot, but I believe that being completely honest about my skills would be better than getting some assignment that I was completely incapable of completing. Right now I’m doing work with Photoshop and HTML, both of which I have a decent understanding, but when I have to start with ASP and javascripting, I might have a few more problems.

I was also let known today that I have made it back into Strike Team Improv. It’s such a relief to know as I was actually a little worried about making it in this summer. It’ll be great to be working with everyone again and doing shows. Our first will be on the first Friday in June. Everyone mark your calendar! We have our first practice tomorrow, so this will be the first chance that I will have to see our new team fully assembled. With improv now added to my list of things that I’m doing this summer (besides working at Kingland and at home) I’m sure I’ll never have a free moment to get bored.

I was also graced this evening by a call from Kristin. We had to tell each other about our first days of work, of course. We probably could have talked all night long, but I had a lot of cleaning in the living room to get finished and some other cleaning to do before we have Ryan’s confirmation next week. I always hate telling people that I have to go when I’m talking to them on the phone because I don’t know if they actually believe me that I have stuff to do or if they think I’m just making up an excuse to hang up. Since they can’t actually see you, you have to rely on what they say and trust it completely. Because of this I usually try to never get offended if someone has to abruptly leave while talking on the phone. I’m sure I do that often enough and I hope that everyone I talk to will take me at my word. I’ve never been a phone fan in the first place. Anyhow, if you are ever talking to me on the phone and I have to go for something and it sounds lame, I’m sorry, but I probably actually have to do it.

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