Sunday, May 18, 2003

STI Tryouts

So I’m back from St. Cloud now. I got back yesterday night after a fun couple of days up north. The highlight of my trip up to St. Cloud was a visit to the Como Zoo in St. Paul. I had never been there so I was anxious to see what it was like. Kristin had been there many times before and was looking forward to going back and visiting her friends, the wolves. I got a few good pictures that I’ll get up soon. I really enjoyed watching the monkeys, gorillas, and tigers. They have one pair of cute little monkeys that have gigantic fu manchu moustaches. Their entire body is black but their moustache is white. It is so cute because they look like little old men. It was too dark in their area to get a picture which is too bad because they were so cute.

The rest of my time in St. Cloud I spent hanging out with Kristin before I had to come back home and our summer time apart would start. It’ll be weird not seeing each other like every day or every other day. I’m sure we’ll be fine as we are both going to be very busy with things. She’s got two jobs she’s working and she’s also going to try and start up with karate again. I’ll be working for Kingland Systems again. In fact, my first day of work it tomorrow. I still don’t think it’s sunk in quite yet that the school year is over and summer is here. Sure, the weather is sweltering and the farm is very active, but it just feels like spring break all over again. I’ll probably start to feel the onset of summer vacation as this week of works goes on.

I’m somewhat anxious to start because I have been told I’ll be doing some document writing and some work on the company website. I am afraid that some of the web work might be over my head. They use ASP pages and SQL, neither of which I have ever worked with. I actually have never even had a database course in college so I never got to touch on them. I hope it’s not too hard, or too much all at once. It’ll be nice to learn some new stuff, but not if it’s all just thrown at me at one time without and learning time. I guess we’ll see how it goes this week as I get re-accommodated to work.

Today I had try-outs for Strike Team Improv at the Studio Academy in Rochester. It was a little weird trying out again as no one was grandfathered into the group. Only Karl and Ryan are guaranteed spots since they founded the group. I find it weird that no one is grandfathered in. We all put our time in last year, were good enough when we tried out then, and have experience with each other so I thought it odd that old members could possibly get left by the wayside. I really enjoyed the group that we had last year and it would be a shame if we all didn’t get to work together again this summer. I’m hoping that everyone gets back in, but I’ll have to wait until tomorrow when they tell us who is actually in. I didn’t feel too strong about my performance today, which has me a little worried, but I’ll keep my hopes high. I only hope that they aren’t dashed.

Well, I’m going to go catch the season finales of both The Simpsons and Malcom in the Middle. I’m hoping that this episode of The Simpsons is good because for most of this season the episodes have just been terrible. I don’t know if the writers are just running out of ideas or if what they think is funny isn’t to me or what, but this season has sucked. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Well, tomorrow it’s back to work for the summer. Let’s hope that it goes well.

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