Friday, May 16, 2003

So I Graduated

I know, I know, it’s been a long time since I’ve last updated this site. Please do forgive me, though, as I have been quite busy. First I had graduation, then I moved home, then I had to unpack, and now I’m trying to make room for all of my stuff before I go up to St. Cloud for a couple of days (so there won’t be a new thought again for a little while—sorry). It’s been a busy few days, but it has been a lot of fun too.

Sunday was my graduation ceremonies at SJU. My family, along with Kristin and Sheryl were all there for the day. We had a nice luncheon at the Old Gym before the actual ceremonies. The school only gave each student four tickets to go to the luncheon so I would have had to have left someone home, but as luck would have it, my roommate Chen gave me another ticket so that Kristin could come with me. I’ll miss that guy next year.

After the luncheon, we went off to the actual graduation ceremonies. Getting ready for the ceremony was not quite as easy as you would have thought. We had capes to wear around our gowns, but no one could figure out how in the heck they were supposed to work. You had to flip them around and twist them and then pull them sideways after square-knotting the edges……well, maybe not that hard, but it sure was more complicated than it needed to be. The actual ceremony took over two hours to complete, and they didn’t even start handing out our degrees until over an hour into the service. For the first hour, there were a bunch of awards given out to special people in the church that had done something cool or whatever in the last year. I don’t know why they did this during our graduation ceremony since it really didn’t have anything to do with us graduating, but whatever. The rest of the day was spent cleaning up my room, packing my junk into our vehicles, and then going out to supper for Mother’s Day.

Monday morning I came home from St. Cloud and started to unpack a lot of my junk, and when I say unpack I really meant I brought the stuff in the house and let it sit. These last few days I’ve actually been putting stuff away in random intervals while at the same time spending time with Kristin since she’s been down visiting. We’ll be taking off today for St. Cloud since she has to work on Sunday and I have improv tryouts then also back here in Rochester.

I’ve had a real fun few days with Kristin down visiting. We’ve managed to be pretty lazy (besides the time we used unpacking my stuff). We’ve done a lot of reading—her with the Cheshuli (sp) chronicles and me with my comic books. I’ve recently gotten back into reading comic books hardcore. It might just be a phase I’m going through, or it might just be that I finally have access to them again since I’m at home. I’ve recently been reading Ghost Rider and Excalibur, which have both been really good reads. Ghost Rider has always been a little weak, though, since he seems to be indestructible and no matter what happens he can come back to life, but he is cool since he always manages to kick a lot of ass and in style.

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