Monday, May 05, 2003

Only One More

I have seen the best movie of 2003 so far and it is X2: X-Men United. You are all required to get up off of your chair, get in whatever vehicle you own, go to your local theater, and see this movie. Honestly, it’s that frickin’ rad. Ok enough shameless promotion for this movie.

I am now only one paper away from being done with all of my work for this year. I finished my other paper last night and will be handing it in today. This paper was for my Ethics and Law senior seminar class. As you probably know, this is the class that I’m always complaining about because no one wants to learn. I’m glad that it is finally over, but I would love to further explore the topics that we covered.

The final book that we read for that class was The Speluncean Explorers by Peter Suber. We were only required to read the first five opinions in the book, but I am so engrossed by it that I am in the process of reading the last nine opinions (which I will hopefully have finished by tomorrow or the day after). Our final paper consisted of our taking on the role of the final, decisive Justice in the case and write a judicial opinion. It was fun to finally break out of the mold of writing research, summation, and reflection papers. If anyone has read the book, let me know. If you haven’t read it and are interested in law in the least, I would highly recommend it.

What I am left with for the rest of the semester is writing my final Morality paper. I am somewhat indecisive as to what I want to write it about, but I do know that I want to get it done soon (hopefully today or tomorrow) so that I can have the rest of the week off to relax before graduation. This paper is supposed to be a reflective paper that incorporates our understanding of the moral theories that we have studied in the second half of the semester, which sounds easy enough, but it really isn’t for me. Reflective papers are not hard for me to write, per se, but they pose a problem in that I am often overly cynical about most things and by giving me free range to express myself, I think I will have a hard time restraining my tendencies to try to rip and tear the theories apart. Many of the theories we studied these last couple months are theories that I have found large flaws with, namely care ethics, feminist ethics, and virtue ethics. If it were a research or comparative paper that would be easy enough, but here we are supposed to “reflect” upon our moral thoughts while discussing these theories. Ugh…we’ll see how it goes, I guess.

Today I also have commencement practice. They say it will take about two hours for a run through. Yuck. I don’t want to waste two hours of my life going through a retarded run through. Just tell us where we need to be, what our order is, and let us walk through once just so we know what to do. I’m sure they’ll make this run through extra stupid or have us do it over and over again to make sure we don’t screw up. It’s so interesting to see the graduation coordinators treating 22 year old college graduates like they’re toddlers. Give us some more credit. I’ll probably just stick my mp3 player in my pocket so that I’ll have something to do if it gets too ridiculous.

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