Friday, May 02, 2003

Where Did They Go?

Yes, yes, yes, today is the day. Today all of my superhero longings that I have been going through for the last couple of weeks can finally be brought to realization. At exactly 4:30 pm this afternoon I will be attending the showing of X2: X-Men United. If only I could find that time machine I threw out to speed up the day. Everything I’ve read says that this movie is going to be great and I want to believe every word.

I was reading some background on the movie and a couple of things really surprised me. First, the running time is 134 minutes which is way longer than the 90 minutes the first one ran. I’m sure they did this to fit in all the new characters. Nightcrawler takes on a main role while it is also listed that the likes of Kitty Pryde, Gambit, Jubilee, and Colossus will also be appearing (no doubt in small supporting roles). I really hope that they stay true to the comic, though, as they’ve already introduced way too many continuity conflicts in the first one. Basically the timeline is all messed up. Rogue the same basic age as Iceman? Iceman’s been around since the beginning run of X-Men while Rogue has just come into the fold in the last 10-12 years or so of the X-Men. Oh well, I shouldn’t let my dorkiness get in the way of enjoying the movie.

Yesterday was the last day of all of my classes. They’re all over now. This semester is basically done (except for those couple of papers I have to finish before finals week). Graduation will be upon me faster than I can imagine. It seems like it wasn’t even that long ago that I was graduating from high school. That was a weird enough experience in itself. Looking back, I now notice that after that graduation ceremony I have hardly kept in touch with anyone from my high school class. I’ve managed to just let them go, which is such an odd notion.

Where is everyone from high school? What are they doing? Do I really even care? Well, I think I care a little bit at least. Most of the people from my class I really couldn’t care less. A good majority of the people from my high school are good for nothing sacks of crap that are merely wasting the air of this planet. I have a hard time believing that many of the people I graduated with will ever do anything with their lives. I may be sounding excessively harsh on my high school classmates, but they were excessively harsh on me during high school.

Most of my middle and high school career I was fodder for their jokes. I was their fall back for when they couldn’t think of anything else to do. I was never truly popular with the masses, only with my group. Since I never drank or did drugs I was never good enough to hang out with the “cool” kids. They also dished out the insults for not giving into their peer pressure. High school kids are cruel, yes, but people do survive. I did and I’m not looking back. Maybe they have grown up and are much more mature now, but that doesn’t change the fact that most of them I will remember as stabbing me in the back and poking fun at me in the front. I don’t think my 5-year class reunion could come too soon. I want to see where most of my class is. I can already guess that a bunch of them are pregnant and battling alcoholism, but that’s just conjecture.

Hmm…wow, I guess I had a little built up frustration there. Sorry. I think most of it stems from one of my friends here at college acting like a high schooler and trying to be like one of those “cool” kids by picking on the “uncool” kids (which I am proud to be one of, don’t you forget). It is all just unnecessary posing and posturing. What is really the point of being obnoxious and mean to people? Actually, what I really want to know is why you would treat your friends in that way. I guess some people just have a hard time growing up. I’ll just keep hope alive that people will eventually grow up, but realistically I know that they won’t all grow up.

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